Quotev historie

Thank you next Bolin version

2020.10.07 16:55 ginevralunahermione Thank you next Bolin version

Thank you next Bolin version
I've done two other remakes of thank u next, Sokka's and Korra's. Check them out too.

Thought I'd end up with her

but it wasn't a match

Wrote some songs about Ginger

Now I listen and laugh

Even almost got married

And for her I'm so thankful

Wish I could say thank you to Eska

'Cause she was an... angel?

One taught me love

One taught me patience

One taught me pain

Now I'm so amazing

Say I've loved and I've lost

But that's not what I see

Just look what I've got

Look what you taught me

And for that I say

Thank you, next, (next

Thank you, next, (next)

Thank you next

Please upvote and comment! ( I've always noticed how many girlfriends Bolin had).
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2020.07.26 10:54 quotevtimes Russian Mafia Copypasta

Rules We understand that this is a lot, but these are all listed out to prevent past incidents from reoccurring. They should not be too hard to follow, though if you have any problem with any of these, feel free to take it up with anyone of Level 3 authority.
↣ Don't harass. This includes bullying, judging negatively without consent, etcetera. I don't care how shitty someone, newbie or not, is acting, you do not have rights to take it upon yourself to "punish" them without being authorized to do so.
↣ Be mindful of topics. Keep your posts in the right topics. Chat in the chats and ask questions in the help center. Guidelines for what can be posted in official threads have already been listed on the specific page, though it's common sense. All members, unless demoted or probated, are allowed to post new topics. Keep in mind that useless, irrelevant, and dead threads will be removed. Any threads serving purposes for yourself and yourself only will be removed.
↣ Keep up with important topics. All members are expected to reply at least once in the pinned topics, so as to be notified of anything important or worthy of attention. Do not turn off notifications (unless you have a decent excuse, and if so, please inform authority) for the Rules, Armies, Announcements, and Promotions threads.
↣ Do not betray us or face the consequences. Treasonous activity against this group will instantly result in a ban, or at the most severe, the whole army reporting you and getting you deleted. Acts of treason include slander, spreading false information, and spying.
↣ Respect other people. If someone is uncomfortable with something understandably universal, be it inappropriate (for their age or otherwise), shut your trap.
↣ Do not be an entitled prick. Likewise, if you have very specific trigger words, topics and the like, be mindful of the fact that not all 900 people here should change to accommodate you. Not to mention, it would be extremely meddlesome to have to remember the trigger words of that many people, and be wary of them. If people are saying anything you don't like, leave the chat and come back later.
↣ Trigger words. In accordance with the above, if you're going to talk about anything triggering (s*cde, rpe, pdphilia, anr*xia etc, full list may be found here, reply for notifications so as to be updated of new tags), put a bolded TW + a shitton of blank rows before it.
↣ Do not assume superiority. Respect authority, please. If you wish to boss people around, you can apply for Level 1 authority (security guards) and your leadership skills, or lack thereof, will be taken into consideration.
↣ The families are not rivals. While there are constant competitions pitting the two sides against each other, in no way are either of them superior.
↣ Do not lie about your age. If you are under the age of 13, the valid age for Quotev membership, say so. We are aware that parents may monitor their child's browsing history, and if the case is as such, tell us. It is extremely unsettling to have people much older than we are going through our contents while we are unaware.
↣ Do not allow outsiders to spectate within the group. This includes unofficial shared accounts, as well as allowing someone into your account for an unspecified amount of time. Respect our privacy.
↣ Do not send in more than two accounts of your own. We will not allow more than two accounts owned by the same person to join, as it can be quite a hassle to ban you permanently shall you decide to irritate us.
↣ Try not to go inactive. If you've been here for too long without saying anything, we'll kick you. I get that it might be a bit intimidating to post a reply where 900 people can see it, but here, we encourage you to be active because otherwise we'd die like any other group.
↣ No necroposting. We have a lot of chats that have been filled up to the Q reply limit, but I know that we're all smartasses and have found a way around the limit. Even so, do not reply to dead chats or threads. We don't need them bumped up to the front page of the group.
↣ Do not ask us to accept/deny certain accounts. The end decision is ultimately the personal guards', and the admins. We will not be particularly lenient just because you're friends with someone who requested, as that is unfair and makes us a biased system.
↣ EXTRA: If you want to, put our group link and/or flag somewhere on your profile, or give us a shout-out in activity.
Disclaimer: Personnel of Authority Level 2 and higher have minor leeway, and may bend but not break some of these rules. Rules may also change and be updated without prior warning, so keep your notifications on lest you slip up and do something stupid.
Important Note: Each member starts out with two chances. You break a rule once, you get off with a warning. If someone gives me a valid reason to ban you, you get off with a warning. If either of these happen when you are on your second chance, you get banned. Reports may also be issued.
↪ Do not make us hate you on sight. If you have committed any of the above atrocities, it is very much likely that either one of the admins will feel a sense of dislike towards your existence. We can also have personal reasons for disliking you, since it is a normal human reaction. If you have angered one of us, it is pretty much equivalent to a warning. Likewise, having both of us pitted against you will reward an immediate ban.

IMPORTANT EDIT: Security check has been temporarily voided, so if you pull some stupid shit, I'll kick you on sight.

Note: - Mutual members will be tagged only if you stick out in my memory, or are prominent members from both sides. ==•=========•=========•=====
↣ Please do not turn off notifications for this thread!
↣ When someone, in the Mafia or not, puts up a "300 likes and I'll..." post, you may send the link (to copy activity links, right-click the date/time of the post) to this thread.
↣ When commenting on the post in question, either post the group link or flag.
↣ You may not use this thread for anything other than what has been stated above. There really is no point in sending 900 people to your Pokefarm/read your latest book/subscribe to your YouTube channel. We do not promote self plugs unless you're someone relevant whom we actually like.

11 months ago Reply

↪ Leadership Don [2/2]: - nemesis *** - lyn ***
Underboss [1/1]: - Soph **
Nikolaev head [1/1]: - nemesis *

Molotov head [0/1]

↪ Authority

Personal Guard [0/2]:

Advisor [0/3]:

Secretary [0/1]:

Moderators [0/5]

Legend/Secret Weapon [1/1]: - Rachel
↪ Mafia Roles

Assassin [0/5]:

Necromancer [0/2]:

Deliveryboy [0/3]:

Medic [0/3]:

Evac heli pilot [0/1]:

Security Guys [0/8]:

Janitor [0/4]:

↪ Virtual Roles

Spammer [0/4]:

Preacher [0/2]:

Artist [0/3]:

Music production [0/5]:

Therapist [0/3]:

↳ Leadership: ---> Nominations for leadership will be held only when someone has stepped down. ---> You may nominate yourself or someone else. ---> You may vote on who you think is best, but you may not vote on yourself.
↳ Authority: ---> Apply for a role, and prove yourself and your capabilities. ---> Members with an asterisk (*) next to their name have authority in the mafia. ---> Authority will be weighted by the amount of asterisks given - Level 0 being an ordinary member, and Level 3 being the highest rank. ---> If someone has multiple authority roles, their authority level will be automatically marked as the higher role.
↳ HDs: ---> Members with a cross (+) next to their name are the heads of their department. ---> Heads of departments automatically have Level 1 authority. ---> 1 + 1 in this case does not equal 2; if your department were all Level 1 authority in the first place, a HD will still have Level 1, only with the added rights of bossing their department around.
↳ Misc.: ---> Fail in your duty and you will get demoted. ---> Inactive accounts will be removed (not replying to the group at least once a month qualifies as inactive.) ---> Some roles allow for you to take up on another, though you cannot have more than two roles. ---> Members with a bracket ({) next to their name are on probation. Probated members will be temporarily stripped of their roles and authority. Probated members without roles will be privately marked. =========••=================
HELP CENTER All you need to know about the Mafia:
We do have rules and guidelines. You can be kicked and/or banned from the Mafia. This may happen if you break a rule, someone asks to ban you with a valid reason, or I simply dislike you. If any of these happen once, you will be marked as on probation, and be given a warning. If any of these happen while you are already on probation, you will get kicked and/or banned. Probation may last anywhere from a week to two months, and your record will be cleared once it is over. Banning may last anywhere from two weeks to eternity, and members may choose to rejoin afterwards, with their record cleared.
We are separated into two families, Nikolaev and Molotov. Members must choose between either, although the choice may be voided if one family reaches the member limit. There are varying differences between the two families: Nikolaev is headed by nemesis, and is the organized and sophisticated side of the Mafia. Molotov is headed by (idk. sage??? lyn, is sage molotov head-) and is the explosive and unpredictable side of the Mafia.
We run on a point system. Members may perform certain actions to gain points. The points go to whichever family they are in, and will accumulate for a month. Points renew at the end of each month. The family with the most points by that time will have bragging rights and superiority for the next month.
We organize weekly events.

Every seven days, we will have a new weekly event, which can range from competitions, votings, and many others. Participation of events may or may not award points.

General list
What This Is: This is the main page/directory of our weekly events. Events can be anything - Competitions, games, votings, and much more. Depending on the event chosen, participants and winners may be awarded points. Cheating is allowed :)
19th/4 - 25/4: Second-In-Command Voting Nominees each receive 20 points, the winner gets 100. Results: Soph won, Nikolaev for the win.
26th/4 - 2nd/5: Writing Competition Event. "Beaches on the sky" is the theme. Results: 1st place, Soph and Maria. 2nd place, Pix. 3rd place, Anonymouse.
3rd/5 - 9th/5: Family Roasting Rivalry Event. Results: Molotov wins.
10th/5 - 23rd/5: Art Form Competition Event.

Results: ???

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2020.05.12 14:08 Ink_Fan Traumatized and Threatened for Years

Hello Chaos and viewers! Prior warning, this includes nsfw(18+) content. This guy’s name was Adna. Is that his real name? I have no idea. And we’ll call my ex Chess.
I don’t know when I met this guy. But I think when I was 13. Maybe even younger, though I’m not sure. Yet again, I met this guy on an app called Blockheads, which was a 2.5 Minecraft ripoff, basically. I don’t know where I met him. It may have been on my server. It may have been on Chess’ server. I don’t know. Maybe the memory is just suppressed. I know that I knew Chess before I knew Adna. Because he was related to Adna somehow. They weren’t family, he just knew him. I grew suspicious that he WAS Adna, but Chess insisted otherwise.
I don’t remember how I knew met him. But I do remember him constantly threatening me, and forcing me to do very inappropriate things. And threatening to delete my IPod’s entire history if I didn’t do so(which wasn’t mine), and that wasn’t even his worst threat. He forced me to send nudes, masturbate, and do sex roleplays with him. He’d threaten to never allow me to see Chess again(we were very close), and worst of all, threaten to FIND AND KIDNAP ME, AND KILL THOSE THAT I LOVE. Now, I didn’t tell anyone, because I was stupid, and did my own fair share of inappropriate things, so I could get in trouble too. Ah yes, because THAT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN SOMEONE THREATENING TO KIDNAP AND KILL YOU. Great job, 13 year old me. One night I swear that I heard something hit the trailer. Adna claimed it was him. I didn’t even tell him about the noise. I really couldn’t sleep that night. Anyway.
I grew terrified of him. So I completely fled the app. I gained an account on a website called Quotev, as mentioned in my last story. Everything was going fine, until it wasn’t. Chess found me. At first I was happy! After all, I loved Chess! Then Adna appeared. The usual threatening messages. Terror. I don’t remember much after that. But he eventually disappeared. I was ecstatic, but still paranoid. So I wrongly blocked Chess. In my first story, I mentioned how my ex(NM) had broken Reaper and I up in a very fucked up and unconventional way. Yeah, uh, HE PRETENDED TO BE ADNA IN ORDER TO BREAK US APART. I WAS RIGHTFULLY TERRIFIED. He doesn’t remember doing this, apparently.
I did eventually unblock Chess. We began to become close again. We even video chatted! LOW AND BEHOLD, ADNA APPEARS. More threats. More of not allowing me to see Chess. Etc. I got to see his face. HOO BOI, NOT ATTRACTIVE. No wonder this guy was threatening girls to get sexual images. Like Jesus Christ, just use PornHub like everyone else. He eventually disappeared again. Chess wasn’t very active after that. But he swears that Adna is gone for good, and hasn’t appeared in at least a year. Chess says that the time that I saw Adna wasn’t actually him. It was Chess himself. But I know the difference. Chess was handsome. This guy wasn’t in the slightest.
Also yes, I did wise up at some point. At one point, he appeared after that, but only to me. He did the usual threats of deleting my entire history. I told him “If you were going to do that, you would have by now.” And I promptly blocked him. I grew up. I wasn’t naive anymore. I wasn’t falling for that shit. But yeah, in conclusion, my early teens were very fucked up, and I met a lot of people who manipulated the hell out of me. The end, thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far.
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2019.12.14 13:20 aung_myint The Case of the Bike Lock Fugitive

Our internet sleuth returns with the help of some people as he uncovers the Antifa terrorist that struck an innocent man.
Best format: https://www.quotev.com/story/12220330/The-Adventures-of-John-Doe/2
Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/815521232-the-adventures-of-john-doe-the-case-of-the-bike
Here is a small sample:

The Case of the Doppelganger, after I had published that adventure of John Doe and me, hadn’t garnered the reputation that I had expected for my internet sleuthing friend. Most of the day had flown by as I further focused on my classes, while John Doe did whatever John Doe does. But aside from our fairly mundane lives, our country was reeling in from the mires of chaos and conflict that was the 2016 presidential election.
You see, my readers, a certain man by the name of Mr. Donald Trump had gone from a billionaire to a president. The man was an outspoken, perhaps to a fault, businessman who had no prior experience as a politician. Perhaps this worked to his benefit, as he became endearing to the American people; so much so, that they decided to put Mr. Trump into the office.
Of course, being such an unusual player in the political game was bound to upset the game’s established veterans; and so, much of the political defense built during the previous president’s administration was unleashed onto Donald Trump. The media incessantly attacked him. The Republicans, the party that Donald Trump ran for, were iffy on this unconventional candidate so much so that they even staged a resistance display during the GOP nominations, the never Trumpers they called themselves. Despite all that, opposition and obstacles, Mr. Trump still became President Trump, to the screams of no and disbelief of most of the Democrats and liberals.
The year 2017, the first year of President Trump’s actual presidency, was a year recovering from the lash of 2016 brutal presidential run; where the minds and hearts of the American citizen still boiled with tribal sentiment and hatred toward their fellow American. And nowhere, my readers exemplified the political climate that exists today then an incident in Berkley, California, dubbed, “The Battle of Berkley.”
“This is crazy!” I said watching YouTube videos that captured moment by moment of what was going on in Berkley.
“Hmm?” John Doe murmured turning from his work. “What are you on about?”
“There’s a big fight going on Berkley right now. Check it out!” I turn my laptop to show John Doe a particular incident where, after a guy had thrown a smoke bomb into the crowd, the crowd devolved into hand to hand combat.
“Hmm, and who might those darkly dressed terrorists be?” John Doe asked referring to a group among the crowd dressed in dark attire, with black masks, sunglasses, and cap all, of course, varying in their attire composition.
“Darkly dressed terrorist? Oh! You must be referring to Antifa. Yeah, they have the habit of dressing themselves like that to hide their identity when they start causing problems like ‘punching’ a nazi or whatever else.”
“Hmm…” John Doe leans back on his chair and pulls out a cigarette. “That’s rather ironic.”
“What do you mean?” I responded.
“For a group that prides itself in punching a nazi, would it be logical to presume that they are against fascist and their ideology?” John Doe lights his cigarette.
“I guess?” I said.
“Then, pray, tell why is this group employing the same tactics of intimidation and violence that the Sturmabteilung or the Blackshirts of Fascist Italy employed to silence opposing opinions, nazi or otherwise?” John Doe takes a puff from his cigarette.
“I don’t know, you should ask them yourself.”
“And who, pray, tell, are those motley crew of lads donning shields that seem to have been purchased at an Avenger section of a toy store.”
“What are you-“ I turn my laptop, “Oh, those are just other protestors. Yeah, I can see why you would think they would be in some organization.” Since, after all my readers, the opposing lots wore football helmets, painted of course, which was to protect their head from the occasional head strike from the crowd.
“Hmm, I notice some of them are wearing Proud boys shirts?”
“Yeah. I think that was a group that arose in response to Antifa violen-“
“So, violence responded by violence.” John cuts in.
“Well I mean, it’s mostly self-defense based on what I’ve seen so far. Antifa seems to always be the aggressor.”
“I never took you to be so knowledgeable in our political climate, Steven.”
“How can you not be?” I put my laptop aside. “With all this conflict going on in our country, with the last election and all, I’m surprised you’re this naïve about what’s going on.”
“I never cared for politics, Steven. Because what usually happens out there, in all those riots and rallies, has never really affected us here, in our quiet city of Wilmington. The only time politics have intruded our lives is when the IRS comes knocking, and even then, that’s brief.”
I shake my head. “That’s easy for you, an introvert, to say. But if you haven’t noticed, history is manifesting before our very eyes. I mean just look; people are going to remember this skirmish as a prime example of the political climate among the American people. Don’t you want to be conscious of that? What we do matters, John, even if it be a simple as one vote. Did you even vote at this election?”
When I had put my laptop aside, the video was automatically moving over to other videos when it ended. By chance or fate, the video that came up next would prove to be our very next case. While John and I were arguing, John was keeping his eyes on the video.
“Could you replay that, Steven?”
“What?” I turn over to my laptop and saw a guy having his head bandaged. There was a lot of blood pouring from his head.
“The hell happened?” I exclaimed and rewind the video.
“True to formula, it seems our anti-fascist Antifa struck our fascist.”
After rewinding the video, we saw what seemed to be an altercation between pro-Trump and anti-Trump, each congregated to their sides. It started with someone recording, and a female on the opposite side going in for a snatch but missing the phone. Emboldened by this, a large woman in a bandana mask goes in for a slap toward the guy holding the phone, but again, misses. After this brief altercation, a fellow in a red shirt tried to step between the two now shouting individuals and tried to calm down the situation. Suddenly, an Antifa member, clad in all black, slithered his way through the crowd and smashed the head of the red shirt individual trying to keep the crowd calm, with what seemed to be a bike lock.
“Damn, that must’ve dented his skull,” I said. The guy standing behind the red shirt victim pulled out his pepper spray and tried to spray the assailant but missed. The camera focuses on the red shirt guy, ending our view of the assailant.
The video proceeded to follow the assaulted victim as someone shouted for a medic.
“Jesus, he’s bleeding badly,” I said as I saw a guy wearing a red cross bookbag with a white crossed construction helmet pull out a rolled gauze to stop the bleeding.
“Where were the police in all this?” John Doe asked.
“I don’t know, let me find out.” I typed in ‘Berkley riot, police’ in the search bar. The first video that showed up was thumbnail of two police officers standing beside their car. Of course, curiosity troubled us both as we endeavored to make sense of the absence of the police amidst the chaos.
The video depicted a young man, who was holding the camera, walked up to the two cops posted at a different block away from the protesters tearing each other apart. The young man asked why they were just watching while the violence was erupting in the streets.
The cop sitting in the car said, “That would be a good question for the chief of police.”
The other cop, standing to the side of the car, deflected all questions to the department of public information officer.
The young man continued to prod for answers, “I’ve been wondering, I mean, I’ve just been watching people all day get beat up pretty bad and I haven’t seen you guys around much.”
“Mhmm, ok, and?” The officer standing replied coldly.
I notice John Doe shaking his head.
“Expect the police to fail you at your hour of need. And expect to be paid for it.” John murmured.
“Well hold on,” I said, closing the laptop. “Didn’t you hear the other one? They’re not all bad.”
“Shit in one room, and no shit in another still means there’s shit in the building.” John said crossing his arm and leaning back.
“John, the situation is volatile. If we had a rogue cop disobeying orders or acting on their own, they would just make things worse. I’m sure there is a good reason as to why the chief of police told them to stand down.”
“I’m sure there is.”
“What’s that suppose to mean?”
“What makes you think, Steven, that the chief of police or even the mayor of the damned city itself isn’t in league with the Antifa themselves?”
“In league? Now you’re talking crazy John.”
“But is it impossible, Steven? What stopping the mayor or other people in the position of power to share the sentiment of Antifa’s goal of punching a Nazi and influencing the chief of police to issue an order of passivity to his deputies.”
“But, John, that may not be th-.”
“It’s not whether they ‘may or may not,’ it’s whether they can or cannot. Because if people can, then they most definitely will.”
“John,” I said exacerbated. “We can’t always assume the worst of people! Especially in a thankless job as being a police officer. You know John, more and more police officers are quitting their jobs because, compound by their high stress and high-risk mortal encounters, they are being ridiculed and disrespected for just doing their job! What do you think, John, with this vacuum of police officers created by people like you, would result in? It’ll be filled with career cops, with incompetent cops, with cops who just do not care. That’s how senseless shooting happens, John. Careless work.”
“Care to wager on that?”
“Wager? Wha-what are you talking about?”
“That prediction of yours, my dear friend. I do believe it already come to pass. When was that Bike lock video posted?”
“Uhh.” I open my laptop. “I don’t see what’s that got to do with anything…uhh…April 20, 2017.
“Approximately to the time of the incident would be reasonable?”
“I guess…what are you getting at?”
“I’ll wager, my dear friend, that I’ll be able to identify that brute much faster than those officers of the law.”

“But aren’t the cops tied down with the protest going on.”
“And ignore this injustice? No, I do believe they have enough manpower, at least my taxes would ensure they do, to handle this obvious assault. I’ll wager I can do what the police may take a month or so to do.” John pulls out a hundred-dollar bill and hands it to me. “If the police unmask the criminal and arrest him before me, you may keep that bill. But if I identify the criminal before them, then you return that hundred-dollar bill with a hundred of your own. What do you say, John?”

I look at the hundred-dollar bill and back at John. “You’re on!”
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2019.12.01 22:17 whoop-de-fucking-doo Underrated Fic list that took me forever. OC/SI

Sure, we all know about Dreaming of Sunshine and Deja vu no jutsu, but let's talk facts:
A lot of the Naruto fics (oc and si, that is) that we read are re-recommended, and not much else is put out for all the others. So, even though they are my taste and may not be yours, here are some fics. Enjoy!
Harashirama gen:
For some reason, this one irritated me only because of the main character's selflessness. But that’s just me. A good peaceful one, written well, and has good ideas.
Compass of thy soul
Frickin amazing. A bit hard to understand sometimes, very flowy language, but frickin amazing. Cannot recommend this one enough.
Sannin gen:
There is that one with an SI Orochimaru, but I can’t find it anywhere, and haven't read past the first chapter.
There is also one with a blue-haired protagonist which and family like, very fluffy. Also cannot remember that one’s name for the life of me. If you know it, please tell me what it is!
Kakashi gen:
Leaves of Grass
https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11210503/1/Leaves-of-Grass The plot, grammar and characters are amazing. ‘Jiraiya’s daughter from another village’ popular wattpad trope is executed well to the point where it’s not a trope but a bunch of wannabe fics based off of his one, and the facts and characters are well thought through,something often not seen with most fics. Very blunt and funny, and the OC is one of my favorites.
Becoming a Hokage 101
At times the protagonist can be a bit whiny and overpowered, but the writing is solid and the character dynamics are well done. Bonus- it’s still going on.
Unsolicited Providence
If you want a sneaky look-out-for-number-one character, I don’t think this is it. She lets herself get carried away and exposes herself to Jiraiya (and others) early on, but it’s entertaining and is well-written and has decent grammar. SI as Kurenai.
On Freedom and Other Formalities
A fairly new one, soon to become a classic. Clans clash over unborn children of Nara/Inuzuka OC, so she turns to a random aqatince for help. Funny, entertaining, well written- keep an eye out for it. The author got help from our favorite Sage Thrasher, from Sanitize, which is a bonus.
A really solid Aburame fic. A bit weird, only because the author adds OC’s just to add OC’s, but is really good and has a solid concept.
A romance fix, one of the few good ones. Kakashi/OC, amazing plot, definitely worth your time.
Not really Kakashi gen but a really good Hana Inuzuka fic:
Hana SI. Well written, long, very stable and good plot.
Naruto gen and under:
Yep, quotev. Not something I’ve glanced at in a while. This one is good, a bit OOC at times, but good.
To Kill a Bull
Probably heard of this one, but it’s amazing. A realistic Sakura SI, but a bit whiny at times.
Effloresco Secundus
A Hermonie as Sakura fic. Actually worth your time- I usually hate crossover fics but I loved this one.
An enjoyable Aburame fic, really well written and has good ideas. Grammar is next to flawless, and is thoroughly enjoyable.
Against the World
A darker fic, an a bit AU. The main character is a slytherin sort, and very self-centered. An all around good fic, would recommend to almost anyone, even if not in the Naruto Fanbase.
A fairly well-liked Uchiha fic, but does not have a satisfying ending. I’m warning you now.
Canon Patching with Uchiha Ren/Knitting Fate
Another well-liked Uchha fic that I have been with since the beginning. The writing is humorous and enjoyable, and the characters are well written.
How to Obtain a Reverse Harem in Naruto
Not a serious fic, an SI Sakura. Character is a bit overpowered, but I think it explains why later on. Anything by Darkpetal16 is a hit or miss, but all of their fics are highly rated and often recommended. Check them out!
Walk the Moon
SI OC as Ino’s older sister. Again, often recommended, but still very good. The main character pawns after Orichimaru and strives to be like him, if that makes sense. Still going on.
Other Naruto Ones that I liked but can’t say anything about because spoilers:
An Invincible Summer
Scorpion's Disciple
I’m sure there are others, and if there are please like them in the comments. However, these are the ones I have come through my search history and linked for you guys and write a half-assed review because I am tired. Anyway, if you have any other highly underrated fics you’d like to share, please do!
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2019.10.14 05:52 GallifreyanGirl18 Trying to find a specific Sanders Sides fanfiction

I've been trying to find a Sanders Sides fanfiction, I can't remember what it is called but it is either on archiveofourown or Quotev. It involves Patton finding out that Virgil self harms and saying (exact quote) "I love you too much to pretend I didn't see that". Logan mentions having self-harmed in the past, and they quote "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" a lot. I can't find it in my history on either of the websites.
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2019.07.14 22:42 AdinFern Quotev anyone (A couple short bad RP stories) (TW, as young teens are weird and do dumb things/write some bad characters)

//So back when I was a mere 12 or 13 year old dork who wanted to test his skills in RP I joined a site called Quotev. It no longer really supports roleplays and such, mainly known for the bad quizzes it has everywhere.

//Story one; Does everything need to lead to kissing?
So let us start this off by saying, I was playing a cruddy OC named Dolly at the time, long side her sibling(?? It's been years since these two were made oh no) Galaxy. It was a CreepyPasta RP (Off to a fun start already my dudes) and was based around high school (By my characters' ages they'd both would be in ninth grade.)
It's a group RP, so we had the main owner of this forum, the teacher, playing Sonic.EXE (F U N), Me (Dolly and Galaxy), and this other guy(Male 1, male 2). The teacher went offline right before I joined, so it's just me and this unknown guy, who's first thing to do I guess was ship my character with his (Not sure why???) No matter what my characters did his would just be somehow capable of getting to them and making out with them, such as despite Galaxy teleportation to a new dimension (Spare me the shame, I was a kid and didn't understand op) male 2 still somehow teleported there too. I left the chat after that. Getting upset by how gross it was getting.
//Story two; Unwarranted s.h. (And emphasizing trigger warning here as I was not happy running into this) I have a mildly unwanted history with s.h, so It managed to actually trigger up unwanted memories.
Character? Andy H. Roleplay topic? Still Creepypasta as I never seem to learn my lesson.
It was meant to be a shipping-esk roleplay, I didn't have an idea of who to pair Andy with so we both went with no one (thankfully seeing many would suggest their female characters or other girls, his Bio wrote him off as gay. ) Mary (Her character, and a fake name) had a crush on Hoodie (Not even a CreepyPasta character the hell, But I've had worse to play as before.)
At some point the two kissed (Andy off doing only hell knows what because clearly the only use for my own character was to be insulted or just stand there eating cereal. Clearly was having fun with that.), her character got super upset, ran up to her room (TW one last time becauSE HOLY HELL DID THAT ESCALATE SO GOSH DANG FAST) and proceeded to slice open her wrist with scissors. She had never once informed me a topic like this would be brought up, not to the extent and incorrect details that she wrote. Just happened, It placed me in a bad position of falling fast first into a near relapse, something I was wanting to avoid so badly, and having to confront someone over gross text. We stopped the roleplay after that, simple as that.
//Extra issue with that site; "I don't like this trait about your character and will force you to change it"
Minnick the inky Fennec Fox is super small and mute. Clearly needed to change that Character of mine hates another? Clearly- a bad idea he needs to change that Andy is literally short (5'3") Well my RP partner disagreed he's now tall despite my wished.
Character doesn't like being touched or given affection and is gay?! Here (insert annoying fem name) will make him drink a potion that will solve that so I can ship a gay character with my female character.

//I'd add more but this already feels long, sorry if you ever do read this Chaos55t, do enjoy your content a lot though
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2019.06.04 22:59 salviiaplath MISSING PERSON , PLEASE CONTACT IF RECOGNIZED.

This is extremely serious, and I hope that somebody out there can help me. I'll post this wherever I can in order to seek help. A while back, my girlfriend met someone whose birth name was allegedly Rosebelle Cellini. She grew very close to this significant person over some time, bonding over things like fandoms, and helping each other cope with Rosebelle's alcohol addiction at the time and traumatic backstories. Over a couple of years they found true love in one another, ( my girlfriend is poly; but she's truly in love with me and Rosebelle ) and despite a few petty fights here and there, they planned futures together and they never left each other. That is, until 2017 when Rosebelle mysteriously disappeared. With little detail, she had to quickly say goodbye to my girlfriend and deleted any social media she had at the time. They video called each other on snapchat bawling, and Rosebelle wrote an albeit short but hurried, sweet paragraph to my girlfriend on staying strong before she had to go. The reason this is so important is because of the connection that she'd had with her. It was different.
After Rosebelle left, my girlfriend has gone into a deeper depression. And given she's been gone for nearly 2 years, I don't think this is going to go away. And, to clarify, Rosebelle is NOT a catfish. They'd video called many times before, my girlfriend has seen her brother, seen some of their house, and I've seen several photos of her in the past as well.
For further information, I'll be attaching the few photos my girlfriend was able to save of her. They aren't the best to use when finding someone, but it's what we have. Last my girlfriend saw a picture of her, her side was shaved. Regularly she has brown/black hair, blue eyes, and she's 5'10-6'0, or around that height. Rosebelle is fluent in both italian and english, and spoke in sign language for a short while as well. I remember her saying something about working as a cashier once I think? She's also probably 18 or 19 by now. Her birthday is August 24th and she is a virgo. Rosebelle has also gone by a few names in the past: most prominently, Lyric , Echo , and Sam. I've seen her wearing glasses before, although I'm not entirely sure if she wears them that often. She normally likes more of an edgy style; chokers, typical band shirts or something. In the past she's been interested in things like Supernatural, Homestuck, Overwatch, Hamilton, Nintendo, and Hetalia; her music taste was Type O Negative, In This Moment, Voltaire, Marina and The Diamonds, and artists along those lines. Uncertain whether she likes those things now, though. As for family, she has an older brother named Evan who was possibly ( by how she briefly talked about the situation but didn't thoroughly explain it ) the reason for her sudden disappearance for some reason, a younger sister, and one parent being her mother. She lived in Florida for a while after moving from Maine, but around 2015/2016 she moved to Pennsylvania.
In the beginning they met on a place called Quotev.com where she has used the urls @.trickstermario , @.txquilla , @.nicesecretsm8 , @.oliverkin and @.hypocrxte for her accounts before she stopped using them and went to a different one. She used this as a private account, using the url @.nxnstop but since then, she had deleted it and someone else took that url. The @.trickstermario , @.txquilla , and @.nicesecretsm8 accounts are still up. Her snapchat was " saltyhoe69 " , and she had a tumblr, but it's probably deleted by now.
When they met, my girlfriend still used her birthname Brianna, and in turn Rose called her ‘ Bri ‘. Before they became interested in each other she also promised to name her child Brianna after her. If you think you’re in contact with Rose, mention a person named Tanisha, Bri of course, Indialeemahyankee, and “ Italian herb and cheese mckurtitties the third “. It may jog some memory since those are things from their history.
We do not know what happened. She was too upset, and trying to tell my girlfriend how much she loved her to explain what was happening before she had to leave. It's haunting, I'm sure, to not have a clue about what happened to somebody like that. If anyone has seen, or had contact with her at any point in time, please let me know. We just at least want to know what happened to her. Before Rose left, she said that if my girlfriend never heard from her again, she was dead. It's frightening, and very real considering Rosebelle was constantly struggling in life and my girlfriend was the only light for her. Please, if anybody has any information, let me know. Thank you.
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2019.05.24 10:44 postgotfanfic Sharing here episode 6 of my post-GoT fanfiction that was out today

Hi friends,
Episode 6 of my post-GoT fanfiction "A Realm of Gods and Men" is done. You may read it from Wattpad, Quotev or Blogger. The Wattpad link is here:
Summary: Jon Snow finally gets fully detached from his companions after being drowned in the frozen sea, and later gets rescued by a Skagosi tribe. An old acquaintance Morag (late Craster's seniormost ex-wife) recognizes and saves him appealing to the tribe leader. It appears that Morag and rest of the wives of Craster traveled North and joined this wandering tribe getting married to the tribesmen. Bran watches Arya reading some scrolls inside a cave, and assumes she reached her destination West of Westeros, meanwhile Arya recovers journals of Elissa Farman and their companions which contain important unknown information about their journey, directions and history. In a Braavosi inn, Bronn overhears the slave Maesters that the price someone demanded from them for an assassination is impossible and will require them to travel to Asshai to seek and purchase three dragon's egg which is a risky journey. Bronn offers them his service doing their job procuring the egg from Asshai if they pay him twice the price of the eggs. Mina informs the council that Jon's team who left Castle Black northwards never came back, and Tyrion dispatches letters to Citadel and Sansa informing the news and requesting to aid Jon with a Maester and soldiers if possible. In Meeren, while cleaning up the underground room where Rhaegal and Viserion were kept, a janitor discovers a clutch of dragon eggs containing three eggs.
Enjoy, and please leave your feedback and suggestions if any, thank you.
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2019.02.09 05:16 andycannolis The Mariners odd pitching fixation

Over the last few decades the Mariners have frequently been aiming for a certain type of undervalued pitcher. Particularly guys like Jamie Moyer who didn't throw all that hard (averaged 82.8! mph in 2002) when he went and pitched a nearly 4 fWAR season in 230 2/3 IP. He also went 145-87 in 11 seasons for them despite not striking many batters out. In some ways, he was just as valuable as any pitcher in Mariners history. So, they tried to duplicate this success with many different pitchers to varying degrees of success.
Jarrod Washburn was one such attempt that didn't quite do as expected as he didn't limit walks as well as Moyer did and his results were decidedly more average than anything. Except for that one 20 game stretch in 2009 before he was traded to the Detroit Tigers where he limited walks better than he ever had (2.23 BB/9) and racked up a nice 2.4 fWAR in 133 IP with a sparkling 2.64 ERA and a solid 3.80 FIP. He generally sat around 88 mph on average with his fastballs which was much more closer to the norm at that time.
Jason Vargas was closer to Moyer in terms of results and velocity (87 mph on average for his fastballs). One thing he did better than Washburn was limit walks and get some strikeouts which made him a less durable version of Moyer. In turn, he was slightly better than average and he ate innings like the other two before him did.
Doug Fister also was a pitcher who fit into this role and didn't have great velocity at around 88 mph on average for his fastballs until 2011 when he averaged 90 and was traded to the Tigers. He was one of the best so far at limiting walks (high 1's per nine innings) and got enough strikeouts to be as effective as Vargas and became even better with his velocity increase and uptick in strikeouts as a Detroit Tiger (coincidence? Perhaps). His lack of sky high inning totals capped his value below Moyer levels.
Safe to say, Joe Saunders was a bust as he had an ERA of 5.26. He also averaged around 90 mph, but he only ate innings well as he struck out less batters than anyone not named Jarrod Washburn and allowed the most walks at around three per nine innings. Saunders was worst pitcher they snagged in this manner.
Chris Young became a pop-up wizard to the tune of a 3.65 ERA while allowing tons of flyballs, and walks. He averaged a Moyer-like 85 mph while getting nearly 6 K/9 over 165 useful innings (FIP and xFIP was not amused at over 5 for both metrics). The reason for that was his severe home run issue, lack of groundballs and high walk rate. (The worse version of Marco Estrada)
Wade Miley was a guy who filled innings effectively while averaging about 90 on his fastballs. He got a higher than average for the group strikeout rate of 6.6 K/9, didn't allow as many walks as Saunders and got a good number of groundballs (although he allowed a lot more homers than he should have at 1.45 H9!). He gave ok production and cheaper labor in Ariel Miranda (bad production, but it was cheap). Hello there Phoenix, how you rose from the ashes.
Andrew Albers, who I previously wrote about was the string that led me to writing this article in the first place had a great 41 IP where he continued where he left off in AAA with 8 K/9 and 2.2 BB/9 despite averaging 88 mph and not getting as many groundballs as he did in Gwinnett with the Braves AAA affiliate. He now pitches in Japan for the Orix Buffaloes and did well in 2018. I'm really happy for his success.
Wade LeBlanc was solid as a starter this year for very cheap and was merely averaging around 86 on his fastballs. He had been used as a reliever despite showing starter quality peripherals and good strikeout to walk ratio in 2016 after he came back from the NPB with the Saitama Seibu Lions. He limited walks to 2.2 BB/9 and got 7.2 K/9 en route to a 1.7 fWAR, 3.72 ERA and 4.28 FIP in 162 IP. Thanks to his performance, LeBlanc received an extension through 2019 with three club options!. I had been advocating for him to continue start since his 2016 trade from the Mariners to the Pirates.
Marcos Gonzales also fits as he averaged just over 90 mph on his fastballs. He had a 4.00 ERA and an even better FIP of 3.43 resulting in a 3.6 fWAR since he got 7.8 K/9 and a 1.7 BB/9 along with a good amount of groundballs. Both Marcos Gonzales and Wade LeBlanc are cost controlled and likely will continue to be effective pitchers for the Mariners in 2019 and beyond. I remember how skeptical I was of Gonzales when the Mariners traded Tyler O'Neill for him. I'm glad he proved me wrong with his 2018 performance.
Lastly, the Mariners added a new guy on the down low named Tommy Millone who has been a low velocity guy (87 mph average fastball velocity) who limits walks (less than 2 BB/9 in 109 2/3 IP) for the Nationals AAA Syracuse Chiefs affiliate. And he did even better in 26 1/3 MLB IP (.34 BB/9). It's a small sample, but his 7.9 K/9 with a 2.2 BB/9 albeit with some groundball generation issues (more than Wade LeBlanc) that would be less of a problem in Seattle as Safeco Field is pitcher friendly would make a solid pitcher. He could be better than previously expected.
Did you Mariners fans notice this trend before? Leave your comments and suggestions for new articles at the bottom! Spread it around to your friends who love baseball. Thanks so much for all of your feedback so far. This was originally posted on Quotev.
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2018.12.16 20:43 TheImperialNovelist New and nervous

Hey, so I've been playing Hoi4 for about a year now when I saw Kaiserreich early in the summer. Didn't really know what it was so I played it, and I must say I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort built into this alt-history scenario. If I'm being honest I only became a redditor for the specific purpose of trying to promote my novel set in the universe.
I know, I know it's probably now what you'd expect from a first-timer on a community-based website, but I wanted to add a human element into the Kaiserreich universe and make people feel like they're experiencing a world in which the Kaiserreich really did emerge victorious in the Weltkrieg.
So... yeah. Anyways, if any of you could help me know the protocol and such around here so I'm not accidentally updating everyone on a book nobody wants to see please do.
Unless someone tells me to remove this, Here's the link to my novel's first chapter.
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2018.09.19 10:41 MarcellaDDiaz [Kindle] The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason

[Kindle] The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason


Details of Book Author : Daniel Mason Language : English ISBN : B078W5XGZD Number of pages : 336 pages Editor : Little, Brown and Company Date of Publication : September 11th 2018


Download PDF The Winter Soldier
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Download The Winter Soldier PDF and EPUB - EpuBook The Winter Soldier Download eBook Pdf Epub, Book eBook English [Download] le Book The Winter Soldier in Format PDF The Winter Soldier Download Free of Book in Format PDF



By the international bestselling author of The Piano Tuner, a sweeping and unforgettable love story of a young doctor and nurse at a remote field hospital in the First World War.
Vienna, 1914. Lucius is a twenty-two-year-old medical student when World War I explodes across Europe. Enraptured by romantic tales of battlefield surgery, he enlists, expecting a position at a well-organized field hospital. But when he arrives, at a commandeered church tucked away high in a remote valley of the Carpathian Mountains, he finds a freezing outpost ravaged by typhus. The other doctors have fled, and only a single, mysterious nurse named Sister Margarete remains. But Lucius has never lifted a surgeon's scalpel. And as the war rages across the winter landscape, he finds himself falling in love with the woman from whom he must learn a brutal, makeshift medicine. Then one day, an unconscious soldier is brought in from the snow, his uniform stuffed with strange drawings. He seems beyond rescue, until Lucius makes a fateful decision that will change the lives of doctor, patient, and nurse forever. From the gilded ballrooms of Imperial Vienna to the frozen forests of the Eastern Front; from hardscrabble operating rooms to battlefields thundering with Cossack cavalry, The Winter Soldier is the story of war and medicine, of family, of finding love in the sweeping tides of history, and finally, of the mistakes we make, and the precious opportunities to atone.
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2018.09.06 04:10 TeresaRScruggs [Kindle] The Golden Tower (Magisterium #5) by Holly Black

[Kindle] The Golden Tower (Magisterium #5) by Holly Black

The final, thrilling instalment in this extraordinary series from bestselling authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.
A generation ago, powerful mage Constantine Madden came close to achieving what no magician had ever achieved: the ability to bring back the dead. He didn't succeed . . . but he did find a way to keep himself alive, inside a young child named Callum Hunt.
Facing up to what he is, Callum has battled chaos and evil across four years of magical training at the Magisterium, eventually defeating the armies of chaos in an epic battle.
It came at a cost.
Now, triumphant and heartbroken, Callum Hunt has just about had enough, and is ready to complete his training. But the evil Callum faced has not given up just yet...READ MORE►►

Details of Book
Author : Holly Black
Number of pages : 256 pages
Editor : RHCP Digital
Date of Publication : September 6th 2018


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