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2020.11.07 21:48 Quirky-Motor EXTENSIVE write up and timeline of the 1951 case of the missing child Beverly Rose Potts from Cleveland, Ohio. How can a child disappear in a distance of only 300 feet? Part 1 of 2

The disappearance of Beverly Potts
Beverly Rose Potts was born to Robert and Elizabeth Potts in 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. Robert worked as a stage hand at a theater and Elizabeth was a dancer and singer. Robert was an American while his wife, Elizabeth was an immigrant from Hungary. In the early 1900s Cleveland boasted the largest Hungarian population in the world outside of Budapest and many families such as the Potts, were of Eastern European descent. Poles, Lithuanians, and Hungarians made up a large percentage of Cleveland’s population. In 1924, Robert and Elizabeth met at work and married at age 24. After nearly five years of marriage, the couple gave birth to their daughter, Anita, in 1929 and bought a home on Linnet Avenue near Halloran park on Cleveland’s west side. Throughout the 1930s, many family members moved in and out of the Potts’ home as everyone tried to stay afloat until better days (Badal, 2005).
In 1941 when Anita was twelve years old, the Elizabeth and Robert, now aged 41, found out that they were going to be parents yet again. But rather than fret, the Potts welcomed this new addition to the family and rather than referring to Beverly as a surprise, a mistake, unplanned or an “oops baby” Elizabeth always corrected others and said that Beverly “wasn’t an oops baby, she was a miracle child” (Badal, 2005).
By 1951 the miracle baby Beverly was 10 years old and was due to start 5th grade in September. At this point the house of Linnet Avenue was home to only five people, the parents, one cousin of Elizabeth’s named Betty Morbito, Beverly, and Anita who had recently graduated college and moved back home only weeks before. Anita was working at a cash register company, Elizabeth was staying home, and Robert was still working at the theater.
According to papers at the time, that weekend was nothing out of the ordinary. The Potts family had an outing planned for August 25th. They were going to have a picnic at Euclid beach park. Beverly was excited for the outing and had declined a party invitation because of the plans with her family. Although the papers widely reported this family outing, Anita does not remember this being the plan and thinks the reports in the papers were simply a mix-up or a mistake (Badal, 1951). Whether or not this outing was planned, reports all agree that Beverly had no reason to run away from home on August 24th 1951.
The Disappearance
On Friday, August 24th Beverly and her best friend, next door neighbor Patricia “Patsy” Swing, planned on going to Halloran Park to attend a Showagon. A Showagon is an old-fashioned type of festival which was usually put on by parks departments in large cities. Showagon is similar to a talent show. Local kids and teens could audition to do a piece for the Showagon and the winners would go to a different park in the city each weekend and put on a show for local residents. The acts were things like singing, dancing, and or playing an instrument. As far as I can tell, there are no rides or vendors, just local talent entertaining their neighbors.
Halloran park near Beverly’s home was well established and old trees graced the area. However, this vegetation made the park pitch black at night and lampposts were unable to pierce the darkness completely. During the daytime Halloran park served an approximately 100,000 youngsters but at night it attracted transients to its benches. Empty wine bottles and smoked cigarettes could be found strewn about the grounds nearly every morning. Additionally, at least two “sex attacks” had happened in the park in the months leading up the Showagon, as well as a few instances of things like groping which had been reported to the police.
Before we go on, I think it is important to get a better picture of Beverly. Beverly was thought to be a rather quiet, shy, and obedient girl according to both teachers and family members. Neighbors trusted Beverly to babysit their little children, and one woman reported that Beverly even walked her daughter to Kindergarten every day. These parents described Beverly as responsible and cautious. Her parents said she was shy around new people, especially boys and men. Elizabeth said she had told Beverly extensively about the dangers of unknown men and cautioned her about getting into cars with others. She reminded her daughter to be careful if she noticed someone was following her. On at least one occasion Beverly had fled from someone she thought was following her in the neighborhood and returned home promptly. Her friends at school said she had one crush on a boy in the grade but she was too shy and nervous to ever talk to him.
All this to say, Beverly seemed to be aware of “stranger-danger” and was at least taught to be aware of her surroundings. According to Anita, the Potts never hit their children and instead grounded them for misbehavior. Only a few days before her disappearance, Beverly had missed her curfew several days in a row and was subsequently grounded. Elizabeth revealed this was a common issue for Beverly. For example, if Elizabeth reminded her to come home at 3 pm because they had company, Beverly would stay out much later, 5 or 6 pm and say she had lost track of time. It did does not appear that Beverly would stay away from home at night or that Potts would allow her to stay out late. Typically, they expected Beverly home before dark. Besides this, the Potts reported that Beverly had no behavior problems and had never run away from home.
On August 24th, Beverly who was grounded, asked to attend the Showagon at Halloran park, a mere 1/8th mile from her home. Elizabeth allowed her to go as she knew it was a special event that only happened once a year. The edge of the park was close to Potts’ home but at 13 acres, the area spanned three city blocks and it appears that the actual show was farther away from Linnet avenue than is generally assumed, about ¼ to 1/2 of a mile. In order to get back home from the Showagon, Beverly would have had to have traveled northeast through the park, crossed West 117th street and then walked down Linnet Avenue.
A little before 7 pm Beverly and her mother finished washing dishes and the adults sat down to watch a Major League baseball game on TV. Beverly went next door to get her friend Patsy and the girls rode their bikes to Halloran park a little after 7 pm. By 7:30 pm the park was so crowded that the girls decided that navigating their bikes through the crowd was too difficult, so they rode their bikes home and opted to walk back to the festival. Later reports estimate that approximately 1,500 people were in the park that evening.
By 8:10 pm the friends were back at the park and watching the show. When darkness began to creep over the horizon, Patsy who was supposed to be home by dark, asked Beverly to leave. The girls got into a small tiff and Beverly insisted that she was allowed to stay until the end of the show. At approximately 8:40 pm Patsy left the show and later said Beverly was mesmerized watching some dancers on stage when she last saw her. (This story would later change some but her initial story was simply Beverly was watching dancers on stage.) Patsy arrived home at little before 9 pm.
At around 9:30 pm to 9:45 pm the show had ended and people were leaving the Showagon in mass. The Potts assumed Beverly would be home soon. When she did not arrive within a few minutes, Anita called the Swings who reported that Patsy had been home more than 30 minutes. Robert fetched the neighbors and began looking all over the park for Beverly. When they arrived Halloran park was nearly empty. After an hour of futile searching, the Potts called the Cleveland police department at least three times. The police finally arrived later at around midnight. Their first order of business was to search the Potts home from top to bottom, which they did twice before searching the neighborhood and the park, but there was no sign of Beverly (Missing in Ohio, 2019).
The next few days tips poured into the police department and newspapers as witnesses reported sightings of Beverly and recollections about the night in question. A few of the more promising leads and sightings are detailed below.
The two most talked about sightings online are the witness reports of Patsy Swing and another boy named Fred Krause. Initially, Patsy reported that Beverly was watching the dancers on stage when she left, however, in the subsequent months and years Patsy was interviewed and reinterviewed by law enforcement. In these sessions she often felt pressure to remember new things from the evening, so it is important to take Patsy’s thoughts with a grain of salt. Most online sources about the case report that when Patsy left the show, she turned back to see Beverly, who was standing near a short plump woman who was resting a hand on Beverly’s shoulder. In one account this short woman was holding the hand of a small child. The woman may have had a child performing in the Showagon. This is widely reported but this is not the story Patsy initially divulged. This is an odd memory for two reasons. First, Patsy did not remember this for some time and did not report it in her first few interviews. Additionally, Patsy said she and Beverly were straining to see over the other guests, so their placement in the crowd is an odd place for a short woman to choose unless of course her intentions were bad. Because of these reasons this memory has to be taken with a grain of salt (Badal, 2005).
The next credible sighting of Beverly took place at approximately 9:30-9:45 pm by a boy named Fred Krause. Krause was a 13-year-old boy who lived on Linnet avenue and was slightly acquainted with Beverly. He explained in interviews that he did not know Beverly’s name but he recognized her as neighbor because he delivered newspapers and he vaguely remembered that one girl on the street and at his school who “walked like a duck.” He spent the evening riding his bike through the park while his father watched the Showagon. His mother watched from the porch of their home and saw her son several times throughout the evening. At approximately 9:40 or 9:45, there was an announcement that the show was over and attendees began filing out of the park. Without the lights of the stage on, it was miserably dark. As Fred began peddling out of the area, he almost collided with a young girl who was walking northeast out of the park near the intersection of West 117th and Linnet Avenue. This girl was about 150 feet from the cross walk. Fred said this girl was walking “like a duck” and it was so dark he almost hit her when he drove by. He explained that the girl was not walking on the path like most of the guests and was instead a few feet away from the walkway on the grass. He had to toot his horn or bell as he passed her. More than a week later Fred mentioned this to his mother who insisted that he go to the police. In this witness sighting, Beverly was among a throng of people exiting the park and although it was dark, she was not alone or in an isolated area. This sighting is regarded by many to be the last confirmed sighting of Beverly Potts (Badal, 2005).
Showagon attendees were encouraged to call the CPD to report if they saw Beverly that night in order to give statements and eventually twenty-five people came forward to say their piece. One witness, Mr. Vorell was at the Showagon with his children when he observed at dark colored coup with a man in his 50s inside who was cruising the area and watching young kids, mostly girls from his car (Badal, 2005).
Several witnesses reported seeing two young men aged 17-20 watching very young girls in the park at about 7-8 pm. The men were on foot. One man had thick, dark, wavy hair and the other was a blonde. Three additional Showagon guests reported seeing a girl matching Beverly’s description talking to two men matching this description while they were in a car, a dark green or black 1937 or ’38 dodge coup. These sightings were in between 9:15- 9:30 pm. No one saw Beverly enter the car, she was simply seen talking to the men. One person placed this event at 8:30 pm although most witnesses remembered it being between 9:15-9:30 pm (Badal, 2005).
One crowd member reportedly saw Beverly playing near the back door of a convertible car as late as 10 pm, but other guests reported that by 10, the park was completely deserted. Several people had to walk to the park around 10 pm to fetch their children who had not returned home from the show but none of them reported seeing anything suspicious and all reported that the park was steeped in darkness and empty when they arrived there at 10. Due to these sightings it is widely assumed that Beverly met with foul either right after the Krause’s sighting or while she was already on Linnet avenue mere yards from her home. Others have speculated that Beverly entered the car of someone she knew or trusted on either 117th St. or on Linnet Ave. Law enforcement believes that this is the most probable scenario as no one reported hearing screams or a struggle (Badal, 2005).
Other witnesses came forward with different stories. Cab driver Robert Karmecy divulged that he picked up two customers at the edge of Halloran park that night at about 9 pm. One customer was a Polish looking man 25-30 years old. His companion was a girl who looked to be around eleven. Karmecy dropped the pair off at the bus station and went on his way. He reported the story to the police soon afterwards (Badal, 2005).
Cleveland police also interviewed Beverly’s classmates when school returned to session. The children interviewed gave a variety of stories, most involved seeing Beverly talking to people at the Showagon or getting into strange cars. Although a few classmates had small tidbits of information, such as seeing Beverly and Patsy and waving to them, no important information was gathered and most of the sightings reported by Beverly’s school mates were determined to be false. Nearly all the interviewed children recanted their stories within a few days and the school yard dragnet was exposed as a bust (Badal, 2005).
Investigation and leads
Robert and Elizabeth were devasted by the disappearance of their daughter. Press and curious onlookers swarmed the yard of the Linnet Avenue home for weeks. Elizabeth cried constantly and could not eat or sleep. Robert, who typically worked the night shift, was eyed suspiciously as neighbors reported that they didn’t really know him. Rumors swirled that he was an alcoholic, abusive, or even simply mysterious. Some papers published that Robert had multiple DUIs and speculated that maybe he did something to his daughter. However, police reports showed that Robert had no DUIs. His only run in with law enforcement was a ticket he received for doing an illegal left turn years earlier. Eventually, all four adults in the home were cleared by police in Beverly’s disappearance; they all had alibis. Patsy Swing’s parents were also cleared, as the two were watching the baseball game with neighbors.
Eventually, the Potts phone had to be disconnected as cruel prank calls plagued the home during all hours of the night. Elizabeth lamented to the papers that she did not do enough to protect Beverly. She wished again and again that she had taught Beverly to be cautious around women and became convinced that Beverly was lured away by a woman or couple- a theory which is prevalent to this day. In those days Anita ran the household and tried to helpful but the situation was just too much to bear (Badal, 2005).
At 2 or 3 pm on September 4th only ten days after Beverly’s disappearance, a factory worker was taking a break at his workplace which overlooked the Cuyahoga River when he saw a bundle about 5 feet long, float down the sluggish water way. The more he looked at the bundle the more it looked like human body wrapped in a tarp, with arms, hair, and feet sticking out of the tarp covering. The man immediately called the police. The river was dragged, divers were deployed, and witness were interviewed. Several people down river reported that they too had seen the bundle that day, September 4th. After two days of no findings it was determined that the bundle, whatever it was, had most likely floated into the vastness of Lake Erie, never to be seen again.
Three weeks after Beverly’s disappearance police asked to search each home on Linnet avenue in an attempt to find clues. At that time many homes had dirt floored garages and storage areas leading LE to speculate that Beverly may have been lured into someone’s home and subsequently buried on the property. No evidence was found. Moreover, no single household refused the search; all households complied with the search request. Meanwhile, the Potts completed a thorough inventory Beverly’s closet and things in order to narrow down what Beverly’s wearing and carrying at the time of her disappearance. This is why such a detailed description can be provided in this case.
After a week or so of futile searching for the girl, area sex offenders were interviewed. Even in the early 1950s sex offenders had to be registered and police departments kept track of their addresses. The offenders were categorized by gender and age of their victims and many sex offenders in the area were questioned. However, sometimes these predators were re-arrested and never taken off the list, meaning many of the 1,100 Cleveland offenders were actually in jail for other offenses when police came knocking. Unfortunately, nothing came of this line of inquiry. Meanwhile, wooded areas and bodies of water near the Potts’ home were scoured but no trace of Beverly was ever found.
A month or so later, on October 9th, a fisherman was fishing in the Rocky River when he caught a piece of red cloth on his hook. He untangled the fabric, put it on the shore and continued with his day. The fisherman went home that evening, but later remembered that that Beverly was last seen in a pink/red top and red underwear. With this realization he called investigators. From October 9th-11th the Rocky River, which was only 10 feet deep, was searched with boats and divers. A piece of blue cloth about 8 inches long was found as well as a clump of hair attached to a soggy substance. Both pieces were taken to be tested. The cloth was later determined to be a fabric from a bathing suit, not jeans like Beverly was wearing. No red cloth was found and the hair was dark brown not blonde like Beverly’s. Additionally, the soggy substance it was attached to was nothing more than waterlogged cardboard. By October 11th, the CPD announced that the they had no reason to believe that Beverly’s body was or had been in the Rocky River.
On November 9th, a mysterious person called Robert Potts work and demanded to know why the Potts phone number was no longer working. Then the caller made a ransom demand, but only if the Potts home number was reinstated. The phone was reconnected and several days later and man called the home and set up a money drop, promising to release Beverly in exchange for $25,000 dollars. He claimed that Beverly was very sick but he promised she was still alive. A few days later, a male detective dressed up like Elizabeth, who herself was almost 6 feet tall, prepared to do the money drop in exchange for Beverly, but the kidnapper sensed the trap and tried to flee the area. When apprehended Frank Dale Davis admitted he was an opportunist who needed cash to pay off his debts. Davis was convicted of fraud and was sentenced to five years in prison. Subsequent investigation showed he had nothing to do with Beverly’s disappearance.
One month after the bizarre ransom request, an even stranger incident occurred. In late November a man who called himself Tom, phoned Lester Swing and claimed that he had Beverly. Tom claimed that he had hit Beverly with his car in August. Thinking she was dead he put her in the car to dispose of the body, but it turned out that Beverly was simply stunned and now had a bad case of amnesia. Tom explained to Lester that he would release Beverly in downtown Cleveland, but only if Lester dressed Patsy in the same clothes as Beverly was last seen in and had her stand at the magazine counter of the May Company department store on Dec. 1st from 3-5 pm. However, Tom wanted Patsy to wear a denim skirt not a denim pants. The Swings reported the incident to the police. Lester refused to let Patsy participate in the stunt so a decoy was used and nothing happened. Tom called the Swings later and explained that he did not like the use of a decoy and set up a new time two weeks later. After a lot of convincing the Swings allowed Patsy to be part of the sting. On Dec. 15th while Pasty braved the store alone, police descended on a man lurking in the area watching the young girl. Stephen Tyukody admitted to making the phone calls to the Swings but had no explanation as to why. Tyukody was cleared of any involvement in Beverly’s case.
In late 1951, one man claimed that on August 24th, he saw a car near Halloran park with a screaming girl tied up in the back seat. The car was cruising down west 117th. Police checked out his lead by tracking down each individual with a car like the man described but nothing panned out and the lead was later determined to be false. Several clairvoyants also contacted the police but their stories likewise, were useless. As 1951 came to a close, no one had any idea what had happened to 10-year-old Beverly Potts.
Throughout the case a variety of people have been looked at as potential persons of interest. Here are some of the more prominent suspects.
William Slates: Four days after Beverly’s disappearance the papers announced that police had a suspect, a Cleveland native referred to as Bill. This Bill was William Slates, a former solider who had been dishonorably discharged in 1949 after making sexual advances to an 8-year-old girl in movie theater. Family members related that Slates had a history of dating very young teens and according to army psychologists he was in a severe need of psychotherapy treatment. In 1951 Slates, on probation for his crime, was living with his mother on 166th St. near Halloran park. In late August, Slates’ mother was on vacation and he was at the home alone. At the time he was seeing a 17-year-old telephone operator and was working odd jobs. On Sunday August 26th, Slates borrowed a friend’s car, locked up his mother’s Cleveland home, drove to Columbus, and checked into a hotel using a false identity, all for apparently no reason. Friends reported his absence to police who tracked him to Columbus via phone calls to his girlfriend. Slates could give no explanation for leaving Cleveland so abruptly. He was interviewed repeatedly and failed several polygraphs. After a week or so of being the prime suspect in the case, Slates’ girlfriend came forward and provided him with an alibi, claiming they were making out at a park at the time of Beverly’s disappearance. One of Slates’ friends also claimed he was with Slates’ that evening but a third friend said that they were altogether on a different day, not the 24th. Discrepancies aside, Slates was released from custody and was eliminated as a suspect. Modern sleuths have questioned the validity of this alibi, but Cleveland police seemed to think it valid at the time (Badal, 2005).
Speed queen: Less than a week following Beverly’s disappearance rumors swirled that a local “speed queen” and her friends were responsible for Beverly’s demise. Modern connotations aside, in the 1950s a speed queen was not a drug user, but rather a term used for girls/women who drove hot rods or sports cars. According to a couple who were friends with this “speed queen” on the night Beverly was last seen a local teenager and hot-roder Barbara Saunders, loaned her car to her boyfriend’s brother and some of his friends. That evening at around 10 pm the boys called Barbara and explained that they had to abandon the car because they had gotten into an accident on West 117th St. and the car was “hot”. When Barbara retrieved the car the next day from a wooded area, she reported that there was some blood on the bumper as well as a few strands of cloth. On the 31st of August CPD decided to conduct a dig in the area the car was abandoned to search for clues as well as graves. However, no evidence was found during the multiday search. Saunders’ car was also searched a few strands of blonde hair were found stuck in the door hinge which were collected as evidence.
Over all the investigators found the “speed queen” story to be unlikely. Not only was the whole story sensational, west 117th is a main thoroughfare in Cleveland, and many found it ludicrous that someone could hit a child on such as busy road without anyone seeing anything, especially as hundreds of fans left the Showagon and crossed that very street. The only reason investigators looked into this story was because the car and men from the story vaguely matched the description of the two young men seen talking a girl who looked like Beverly at the Showagon that evening. The hair collected from the car has since been lost and was never forensically tested (Badal, 2005).
Harvey Lee Rush was a Cleveland native who had lived a hard and fast life. He looked older than his forty-something years and had been drifting around the United States for about three years in 1955 when he was picked up in Los Angeles for public intoxication. Rush had nearly 100 arrests in his life mostly for petty crimes like public intoxication and bar fights. Rush used all the money he made as a hospital cleaner on booze. However, on this day in 1955, Rush had an extraordinary story to tell. He claimed that in July 1952, he had abducted and killed a girl in Cleveland. Rush explained that one day while he was at a circus or puppet show in Cleveland, he lured a young girl, aged about 12 away from the show with the promise of candy. He and the girl went under a nearby bridge and he promised to give her ice cream, but instead he told her to disrobe. Then the girl started to cry, Rush punched her knocking her out and she landed on some rocks which apparently killed her. Harvey described the girl as aged about 12, with shoulder length dark hair and glasses.
The next day the dried-out suspect was able to write a three-page confession and officers relayed the story to their counterparts in Cleveland. Rush’s story was full of holes and discrepancies; he couldn’t even remember the correct year. Neither agency believed that the story was genuine but they decided to not take that chance and Rush was extradited back to Ohio. Investigators thought it was suspicious that Rush’s description of the puppet show and the girl he abducted seemed to match incorrect newspaper reports rather than truth. In Beverly’s black and white photo, she looks older than 10, her hair is longer and appears dark. Additionally, one newspaper reported that there was a puppet show at the Showagon, but this was a simply misprint. Moreover, Harvey was unable to show officers where he took the girl and insisted that there was a bridge near the park that simply wasn’t there. After a few days, Rush recanted his story and explained he simply wanted a free trip back to his home town of Cleveland. Rush was eliminated as a suspect (Badal, 2005).
William Henry Redmond is another suspect often mentioned in this case. Redmond was a Ferris wheel operator who lived all across the country on account of his job, but Ohio and Pennsylvania were his usual haunts. Redmond had a history of perpetrating brutally violent sex crimes starting when he was only 13 years old. In the 1930s Redmond was convicted of sexual assaults on two separate occasions and sent to prison. In the 1940s he was accused of additional charges of a similar nature in Florida.
In 1951 Jane Marie Althoff was 8 years old and was attending a carnival with two of her siblings. Althoff disappeared at the carnival and was last seen whispering to the Ferris wheel operator, William Redmond. When police went to question Redmond the next day, he had fled the area without even picking up his paycheck. Sadly, Althoff was found strangled a few hours later, in an abandoned truck covered with Redmond’s fingerprints. With the prime suspect missing, the case grew cold.
In 1988 investigators in Pennsylvania decided to once more look for Redmond and found him living in Nebraska. They arrested the now frail old man and took him all the way back to Pennsylvania for trial. Redmond confessed and allegedly told a cell mate that he had killed three other girls. Due to some technicalities, Redmond was not tried for years. He passed away in 1992 awaiting trial.
ViCap, AFIS, and DMV records linked Redmond to certain murders around the county by comparing crimes featuring his MO to DMV records. He is a suspect in the case of Connie Smith age 10 in 1952 in Connecticut, although some agencies say he passed a polygraph regarding that case. Redmond is considered a suspect in the 1957 case of 7-year-old Maria Ridulph, and the 1955 case of 7-year-old Barbara Gaca of Detroit. Joanne Lynn, aged 11, was found shot in Lima, New York in 1949. Redmond was working at a carnival only a few miles from Joanne’s home. One blog alleges that when Redmond was arrested, underwear of pre-teen girls was found in his home (Hunter, 2017).
Redmond specifically refused to confirm or deny involvement in the case of Beverly Potts. Closer scrutiny of this suspect does not exonerate him of the crime completely, but there is no evidence Redmond was even in the state of Ohio at the time of Beverly’s disappearance and no other evidence connects him to this crime. Furthermore, Beverly was much older than Redmond’s confirmed victims, the oldest of whom was 8 years old. For some reason, online sleuths often portray William Henry Redmond as the most probable suspect despite very limited evidence and no proof that he was even in the area at the time (Badal, 2005).
Odd Occurrences and possible evidence
The auto-body tip In 1980 one retired Cleveland detective announced that he had solved the case in 1974. In the early 70s, a man called in a tip to the CPD claiming that his brother had confessed to Beverly’s murder. The brother’s auto body shop was searched and dug up but nothing of note was found. According to one detective, this suspect had a record of molesting young girls in and around Halloran park. The detective even claims that this suspect confessed to him. Despite this information, the DA refused to prosecute due to lack of evidence. Other police sources claim this story is not accurate and have only confirmed that the auto body dig was a bust. No official sources have corroborated the retired detective’s story (Badal, 2005).
Letter in carpet In 1994 a letter was discovered under the carpet in a Cleveland home. The letter was written by a woman who claimed that she witnessed her husband disposing of Beverly’s body in their furnace. When tracked down the woman admitted that in 1960 around the time she was divorcing her husband, she had written and hid the letter as revenge against her abusive ex, but the contents of the letter were fabricated by herself. The woman’s children backed up her story. According to the women’s children, their father (now dead) had a temper and was somewhat abusive, but they did not think he was capable of murder and there was no evidence he was involved in the disappearance of Beverly Potts (Badal, 2005).
Letters sent to paper A huge break in the case happened in April 2000, when a Cleveland newspaper, The Plain Dealer, received a letter that confessed to the murder of Beverly Potts. They forwarded the letter to the police. Throughout the course of the next year and a half, four letters were sent to the Plain Dealer. The letters were analyzed and determined to be all written by the same author, who was likely old and infirm. The author’s handwriting became more cramped and shakier throughout the year. The DNA analysis showed that the writer was male and the stamps he used were sold one year earlier at only two banks. Fingerprint analysis determined that the author of the letters did not leave behind any fingerprints showing that he was either very careful or very old. Fingerprint experts explained to the Cleveland Police that many people's skin gets drier when they get older and the elderly are less likely to leave behind fingerprints than other age groups. While there was trace DNA on the flap of the first envelope which indicated that the writer was male, the other envelopes were sealed with tape most likely as to not leave any DNA.
The writer added details which proved he was at least familiar with the area around Halloran park and Linnet Avenue, leading investigators to believe that he was indeed a local and probably still lived in Cleveland. But the writer also made several errors which damped investigators enthusiasm. The writer claimed that he still had a 1916 quarter that Beverly was carrying with her on the night she disappeared, an odd detail as reports claimed Beverly had left all her money at home when she left for the Showagon, but still the tip had to be thoroughly examined.
The author also alleged that he wrote a confession letter to the coroner in 1967 and asked for a plea deal, but no such letter could be found. Although the coroner from the 1960s, Sam Gerber, was dead those who worked with him denied there was any letter written to him or the office that had amounted to a confession. Gerber’s files were looked through and nothing was found. Likewise, the DA from the time was interviewed and reported that he had heard nothing of such a letter or confession in the 1960s. Furthermore, no one thought the DA or the coroner at the time would have sat on such an important information without telling anyone.
The writer left several other clues as to his identity. He claimed that he was in his 80s, making him in his thirties when he had kidnapped Beverly. He also claimed he was old and sick. His body was racked with cancer, diabetes, and arthritis and the doctor had given him only about a year to live. The old man also claimed that he was going to be buried in Riverside Cemetery, and that he had left a letter with his lawyer that was to be opened and sent to the police upon his death. He mentioned nothing about the lawyer except that he referred to her as “she.”
After a few months without correspondence, the police asked the Plain Dealer to write an article appealing to the writer of the letters. They wanted the letter author to know that due to his age and poor health, he would most likely not be sentenced to prison but rather into a secured assisted living facility if he were to come forward.
In move that surprised everyone, the letter writer wrote back on April 16th and claimed that he would turn himself in on August 24th 2001, the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of Beverly Potts. He would turn himself in at Halloran Park, but he wanted Brent Larkin, the journalist at the Plain Dealer, to be there as well. He claimed that he would come to Halloran Park to turn himself in if he was still living at that time. The penmanship of the third letter was incredibly cramped and even more illegible than the others. Handwriting experts said it was clear that the man was deteriorating in health.
On August 7th 2000, the mysterious letter writer wrote his fourth and final letter. He explained that he would no longer be able to keep his appointment at Halloran Park as he had to go into a nursing home. The writing on this letter was almost impossible to read having been scribbled with such a shaky hand. Detectives were disappointed, but went to Halloran park on the 50th anniversary just in case the man decided to turn himself in. The elderly man did not show, but investigators continued checking nursing home registries, reading obituaries, cross-checking old suspects who still lived in town. At the end of the day the letters were not able to prove anything and many investigators believe the four letters are nothing more than a hoax. Others believe that they are legitimate. Detective Wolfe of the Cold Case Department thinks it is possible that the letter writer was a retired cop or journalist because he knew so much about Beverly's disappearance, recalling details that only those obsessed with the case would care to remember. While he believes by the letter writer is most likely dead and the letters no more than a cruel prank, he's not willing to dismiss the letters entirely (Badal, 2005).
In 2015 a strange tip was called in anonymously to Cleveland crime stoppers regarding the Potts case. The tip was passed on to investigators who determined the tip was solid. Investigators are asking that this tipster call again either to the FBI, CPD, or even crime stoppers as they believe the tip to be valid and any more information the tipster could reveal could be helpful. As of the writing of this piece the tipster has not yet called back (The Charley Project).
Full list of sources in part 2
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2020.10.15 02:48 codati2000 Man sings Ave Maria in septic tank

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2020.10.11 02:22 infinitiumvortex At the age of 96, Italian soprano Magda demonstrated her extraordinary singing by performing “Ave Maria”. She passed away in 2014 at the age of 104. Her singing career spanned five decades, and she had performed in prestigious venues such as La Scalia and Metropolitan Opera.

At the age of 96, Italian soprano Magda demonstrated her extraordinary singing by performing “Ave Maria”. She passed away in 2014 at the age of 104. Her singing career spanned five decades, and she had performed in prestigious venues such as La Scalia and Metropolitan Opera. submitted by infinitiumvortex to nextfuckinglevel [link] [comments]

2020.10.05 05:19 jamaco87 Three lads singing Ave Maria by Camille Saint-Saëns

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2020.09.21 02:19 VU500 Grimes: ROCK GOD!! (a fantasy concert)

First of all, I would like to say that for me, Grimes is the most fascinating musical artist that I have ever encountered and I only know her through parasocial interactions (music, videos, interviews, pictures, social media, fan and hater opinions, news articles, etc.). I am writing this as a thought experiment. Before all the traditionalists get their knives out, just hear me out. This is for the Grimes fans that are also closeted Rock and Rollers, which I’ll bet there are many. But it is also for fans that enjoy all the variation in Grimes’ music over these few 10 years. She has dabbled in many genres of music such as: Pop, Alternative, emo/emocore, Goth, Lo-fi, Art Punk, Ambient, Experimental, Techno, Electronica, Witch House, Nu metal, and probably others. But with each genre she always marks it with her own Grimesian spin so it’s always unique and sometimes doesn’t seem to fit any genre. What I’m proposing here is that for a special live show (I know we are all hoping for Grimes to tour and for that matter that we will again have live music of all types) that Grimes goes full ROCK GOD! Here I’m using God as a genderless being, because, I mean God is just God. I just think it would be so cool to hear Rock and Roll with a Grimesian spin but using her own song catalogue.
The way I’d like to do this is to discuss it in a few different parts, the band, the setup, the set list, the instrumentation, and the song arrangement. Bear with me on these topics as I am not a musician myself but just a music fan so I’ll probably propose some unconventional, and maybe even ridiculous ideas. First off, it seems to me that the Grimes’ songs on her last two albums, Art Angels and Miss Anthropocene, could easily be instrumented and performed as rock songs. The songs I was most interested in were some of her earlier works, how could they be interpreted as rock songs.
First off the band would be a traditional five piece rock band consisting of a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboards/synthesizer. All of these of course played by human musicians. I tried to choose musicians that were contemporary, would be able to actually play Grimes music, and also be able to add their own flair to the songs. So anyway, here goes.
Rhythm Guitar (Vocals)
To me this was an absolute no brainer. It has to be Hana. She plays solid guitar, and has a very close relationship with Grimes and adds exceptional vocals to the songs. Also, I believe everybody would love to see these two performing together again anyway.
Bass Guitar (Vocals)
I chose Jenny Lee Lindberg of Warpaint. Warpaint has been around for a little over 10 years and plays a version of indie, softer, psychedelic rock. Jennylee’s bass lines in most of Warpaint’s songs are very distinct and prominent. A great example of Lindberg’s sound and power can be heard on the song Krimson on the Exquisite Corpse EP. At the 36 second mark of the song the bass takes over and then dominates the remainder of the song. Lindberg also has a very good voice and could add some really cool vocals to some of Grimes songs. Also, between Lindberg, Hana, and Grimes, some really impressive three part harmonies and vocal layering could be added to enhance a number of the songs. That would be so cool to hear.
Drums (Vocals)
As we all know, Grimes has stated that she usually starts a song, first with a good beat. Most of her songs have a very strong steady beat, and they usually don’t contain a lot of frills. Because of this, I feel that Stephanie Luke of The Coathangers would fit nicely. The Coathangers also have been around for a little over 10 years so they are also very contemporary with Grimes. I consider them kind of a punky-pop garage band. All The Coathangers’ songs have a very strong and heavy beat. This can be heard in many of the songs on their 2016 album, Nosebleed Weekend. A couple of examples of this can be heard on Make it Right, Down Down, and Dumb Baby. These songs also highlight Luke’s raspy vocals. Her early nickname in the band was Rusty Coathanger, and you can hear why. I feel that, strategically placed, her vocals can add real power to some of Grimes’ songs.
Lead Guitar (Vocals)
I wanted a musician, in this position, that wasn’t your standard three-cord rock and roll riffer. I was looking for someone that has a style that would do any Grimes song justice along with adding their own flair on the songs. For lead guitar I would love to have Ty Segal. He is a very prolific songwriter and performer that seems to put out two or three albums a year. His guitar style is anything but conventional and a good example of this is the manic guitar work on You’re the Doctor from the 2012 album Twins. His guitar work would very much compliment the synthesized and sampled sounds of many Grimes’ songs. He also could add interesting male vocals.
KeyBoards/SynthesizeSampleLead Vocals
Grimes! Who else. Having a full band backing her, Grimes can be the true front-person she should be. She will be able to concentrate on her vocals, keyboard and synthesizer and sampling jams. I can just imagine the kind of “psych” jams that these five musicians could produce. She could revisit some of her earlier performances, where she would do extended psych jams including strategic screams, and with this group, extend them into freeform epic jams. The auditory experiences would be through the roof.
Now that we have the band, I wanted to put out some of my thoughts of how the concert would be set up and of course the song set list. One thing that I would not want to discount in this song list, is if Grimes would have some new songs to introduce either in this Grimes-Rock genre or any way she would want to perform them. We would all appreciate the power of any new music from Grimes!
1) My Name is Dark
So I picked this for the opening song as I believe it could be a very powerful start and set the stage for the remainder of the concert. The stage is black, the audience hears the opening guitar riff and a spotlight shines on the left front of the stage and there is Hana playing the riff. She extends it some and adds a little flare. Then you hear another guitar building on the riff and a spotlight shine on the right front of the stage and Ty Segal is playing. Hana and Ty play a little with the basic riff adding and embellishing it building the tension. A spotlight shines on the back upper left of the stage and Stephanie Luke begins the strong steady drum beat of the song. The three musicians riff a little then a spotlight flashes on the back left of the stage and Jennylee comes in with the banging base. At this point the tension continues to build with anticipation. The band starts to jam a little with the opening of MNID. The music goes down and a spotlight shines on Grimes in the middle of the set (usual set-up) and she starts the vocals. The band comes down with a bang after the first “I hear them calling my name”. This song also has a place towards the end where there is a bit of a guitar solo and I think this could become a full blown jam with Ty Segal starting it off and then Grimes jamming out on the synth and sampler. Then just ending with a bang.
2) Be a Body
First off, it would be cool for Grimes to perform the intro and outro heard on the album but for some reason she always left it out in her live shows, at least I haven’t heard it. The pounding chord intro of the song would sound so, so cool as big guitar chords. There could be a really cool sounding call and response section of the song with Jennylee, Hana, and Grimes singing during the “So what am I” “Be a Body” part. As she used to do in pre-AA live shows (see Rock En Seine 2012 show and others from that era), the last part of the song could evolve into a free form psych-jam with lots of strategic screams and yelps from Grimes and the other performers.
3) So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth
The audience now primed for what this show is all about with the opening bangers, the lights go down and the band plays a very heavy, dark, moaning guitar version of this great great song. Good chance for a taste of Grimes pure vocal power.
4) Delete Forever
This song could actually be played pretty much straight as recorded. One of them (not really sure which band member should or could) can pick up a banjo and play the shit out of it. Again, it would highlight Grimes' voice and her vocal style.
5) Scream
To bring the energy back up, I see Grimes and the band doing this song as a similar manic performance as she did in her later live shows (2015, 2016) but with the addition of more voices strategically screaming along with her.
6) Caladan
This is one of the songs that I thought would be really interesting to instrument and play with a five piece rock band. It can be played with the guitars, electric piano, and the simple snare beat. The thing that I think would be so cool is the vocals. In the recorded song there are lots of layered vocals and I feel this group of female vocalists could make this song sound so beautiful.
7) Realiti
I realize there are a lot of fans that really like the demo version of this song and believe the album version is too over produced. Here is a chance to strip it down further and perform it as a pure pop-rock song with Grimes being a true front person.
8) Venessa
This song could easily be transformed into a cool pop-rock song, but I would love to hear how the Grimes layered vocals would be interpreted by the singers in this group. The long vocal note at the end could be connected and passed around between Hana, Jennylee, and Grimes.
9) Saturn Princess
One of my favorite songs first off. This song starts out as normal with the cool synth sounds but also some cool, freaky guitar sounds added in. This could become a very trippy late 60’s psychedelic style rock song. How cool would that be? Also, maybe Grimes will enlighten us to the lyrics so we can all formulate our own meaning to this song, or at least allow us to sing along with her in our cars!
10) Nightmusic
I imagine this song being interpreted as a late 60’s early 70’s prog-rock song with a bit of psychedelia added. Lots of cool psych-jams could be developed along with the strong beat of the original song.
11) Flesh Without Blood
Grimes and band can easily perform this song as a pure rock song as it’s already a real banger. It would become a great guitar-rock song.
12) Kill V. Maim
This song is a must for this band as it is already very rockish. I can imagine this group of singers belting out the cheerleader-ish “B – E – H – A – V – E” part and the “I don’t behave” chorus part.
13) Venus Fly
Venus Fly, a real rock and roll banger? Oh yes! I’d like to hear Stephanie Luke take the loud Janelle Monáe (Why you looking at me now?) part and Jennylee do the more spoken (Pitty, pitty, pitty pat Why you always doing that?) part.
14) Crystal Ball
The opening could either be a guitar or electric piano, whichever works. This song intrigues me because of the layering of vocals at the beginning and throughout the song. This group of vocalists would sound so good with this layering. Also, I feel my favorite part, when the male voice comes in and the tempo changes (the “I go, and I know, and I wait for you” part) could be imagined by this band and made into a pounding rock anthem.
15) Circumambient
I see this song in a similar fashion as Nightmusic. It being interpreted as a late 60’s early 70’s prog-rock song with a bit of psychedelia added also. At the heart of this song is pretty much a very good pop song and having this band backing Grimes, her vocals would really shine.
16) Weregild
I just want to hear this song performed live as it’s one of my favorite Grimes songs. It has real spacey vocals and ethereal backing vocals and a very steady interesting beat.
17) Oblivion
This is a must song for any Grimes concert because, well it just is! The quirky synth beginning would sound pretty cool being imagined by guitars. Also, again, excellent lyrics and a great song for Grimes vocals to shine and a good song for some cool backing vocals from Hana and Jennylee. The disorienting swirling synth at the end could become really spacey swirling guitars.
18) Avi
This is one of the coolest spacy songs of Geidi Primes. I would love to hear it imagined as a psychedelic rock song. One of the rare times Grimes sings in a lower register, so cool!
19) Heartbeats
I wanted it to stay very moody and this song fits the bill. For sure more psychedelia from Grimes and band.
20) Pretty Dark
Regardless of the band she has backing her, I just want to see and hear this song performed live!
21) You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around
The cool guitar sound at the beginning and the nice steady beat throughout would sound great live with this band. Again, the very smooth layered vocals towards the end would allow this group of vocalist to really shine.
22) Darkseid
To cap off the moody part of the concert, but also start to bring up the energy, I thought this would be the perfect song. This song could sound very early King Crimson-ish.
23) California
Come on! Who doesn’t want to hear Grimes perform a nu-metal-rock version of this song?
24) 4 Æ M
This is a great modern sounding banger to end this epic show. Starts off very ethereal and spacy then hits hard and goes at a breakneck pace. Then it has an epic ending with just Grimes’ voice…then the stage goes dark! Bang the end! Not for my fantasy Grimes Rock Concert!
I know Grimes has almost never performed encores in her past shows but for this show, since it’s a full blown “Rock Show” performed by a “Rock God” it will have encores. For the first encore, I wanted Grimes and this band to do something that I don’t think I’ve ever heard Grimes do and that is play some covers (except if we consider Ave Maria a cover, I guess technically it is). I may be wrong about this but you all can correct me if I am. In past Springsteen shows, during his encores, he would perform a medley of rock and roll classics. So for a Grimes Rock God show I thought it might be appropriate for Grimes and her rock band to do a couple of songs right out of the “Classic Rock” era of the late 60’s and early 70’s.
First Encore
25) Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb is a classic rock song from 1976 by the groundbreaking, iconic, all female group, The Runaways. I just think that Grimes and band would do both Cherie Currie and Joan Jett proud. And of course, this song really rocks! I believe Grimes would really enjoy playing the Rock God part out front for this song.
26) Space Trucking
This song is from one of the all-time classic rock era groups, Deep Purple, off of their 1971, Machine Head (a title that seems interestingly current) album. I feel that the outward theme of this song, space travel, is very appropriate to both Grimes hopes and dreams as a young artist 10 years ago (Human Heart – 2010 Grimes Doc) and her current situation. Whether we all like it or not, Grimes is now forever tied to that certain person and his “space” company, you know the one where an “X” marks the spot. But I digress. Deep Purple and Black Sabbath are two of the pioneers of popular Heavy Metal music, so I felt it was appropriate for Grimes to pay tribute to the ancestors of Nu-Metal and such, which she has dabbled in. Imagine Grimes singing lyrics like:
-Well we had a lot of luck on Venus
-We always had a ball on Mars
-We meet with all the groovy people
-We rocked the Milky Way so far
-We're space truckin' 'round the stars
Or how about these!
-The fireball that we rode was moving
-But now we've got a new machine
-Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, the freaks said
-"Man this cat can really swing!"
-They got music in the solar system
-They danced around the Milky Way
This is a very high energy song that also has a cool drum solo part that I think Stephanie Luke would have a ball with. Imagine Grimes screaming the lyric: Yeah, yeah, yeah, space truckin' Yeah, yeah, yeah, space truckin' to close out the song. I just think Grimes and band would just love doing this song. I will tell you what, it would never sound the same again after this imagined rendition.
27) Highway Star
As an alternative song, also off of the Deep Purple Machine Head album, Highway Star is a very hard banger that contains an interesting theme that seems currently appropriate given the current circumstances, fast vehicles. Grimes could easily match Ian Gillan’s performance of the screaming vocals and of course add her unique style. At the starting guitar riff, Grimes would be fist pumping in the front of the stage. Then, Grimes, Jennylee, and Hana start doing the consecutive screams, wow. This song has a mega keyboard solos (Jon lord) and an epic guitar solo (Ritchie Blackmore). Of course Grimes would do the duties on the keyboards and Ty Segal and Hana could trade guitar licks for the guitar solo. This song was one of the early “heavy metal” bangers and would be great to hear Grimes and this collection of musicians open it up to a whole new audience.
Second Encore
28) Medieval Warfare
I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Grimes as the ultimate front person rocking to this song with this band backing her. This song would blow the roof of the venue!
29) We Appreciate Power
To me, this was the only song that I felt could end this epic concert. With its loud Nu-Metal sound and the military beats. With most of my imagined concert I tried to stay away from blatant theatrics, but for this song, being the finale, I wanted to make an exception. Musically, there wouldn’t need to be too much change from how this song was recorded. Hana’s bridge would stay as is, but there could be a few more screams and yelps from the band members at strategic places in the song. This is probably over the top, but what I feel would be so cool is to have all kinds of real robots come marching out towards the end during the “Submit” part. At this point I feel we would all now have capitulated and submitted to the new “Rock God” affectionately known as Grimes!
I realize that this is a lot of music (not that I wouldn’t love to hear a couple of dozen more of her songs live). Probably over three hours of playing. It could be played all at once somewhat like an old Grateful Dead, epic four hour concert, or maybe spit it into two sets played on consecutive nights. A cool venue for this concert would be Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, the music would definitely fit the setting. Anyway, since it’s my fantasy concert it doesn’t really matter anyway.
The last thing I thought about was what could be an appropriate name for this new Grimes’ “SuperGroup”. Here are a few that I imagined (some cool and some certainly tongue-in-cheek). I am sure many of you can also think up appropriate “sick” names for the Grimes’ SuperGroup.
· Grimes and the Empire of Mars
· Граймс и Марсова империя
· Imperial Martians
· Warnymph
· Imperial Mars
· Inner Planet Alliance (somewhat borrowed from The Expanse universe)
· Grimes and the New Gods
· New Gods
· Imminent Annihilation
· Swords of the Gods
· God’s Art Angels
· God’s Visions
· God Emperor of the Galaxy (play on the book God Emperor of Dune)
· Fae of Light
· Fae of Darkness
· The Dream Fortress
· Fever of the God
· Speed of Light
· Скорость свет
· Dark Gods of the Light
· Submit to the Other Worldly
· Mother of X
· Capitulate You Must
· A and Ω
· X = E c2
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my imagined musical illusion of a fantasy concert from the most fascinating and talented contemporary musical artist, Grimes. Whether you enjoyed this or hated the concept (early pre-AA era Grimes purists are sure to hate this concept), I sure had a good time imagining this. I realize that this concert would never happen for many different reasons, but I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and critiques, positive and negative. Also, I’d like to hear what other fans would like Grimes to do in a future modern live performances. Maybe perform one of her albums from start to finish, earlier ones or later ones, with just her and her equipment. Other established artists have done concerts like that (Patti Smith, Horses). One thing I am sure, we all can agree upon, WE ALL WANT MORE MUSIC AND LIVE PERFORMANCES FROM GRIMES! So to quote Grimes from one of her past concerts, “Chee Chee Chee Cha” y’all!
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2020.09.03 05:05 lapapinton Lina Vasta (age 93) sings the Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria"

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2020.08.28 06:53 thefeedbot JackPosobiec: RT @anarktradition: @JackPosobiec Singing Ave Maria from the White House in these times of revolutionary terror is the equivalent of singing the Marseillaise des Blàncs in besieged 18th Century's France. Based 👑 https://t.co/z6aD9zRAGX

JackPosobiec: RT @anarktradition: @JackPosobiec Singing Ave Maria from the White House in these times of revolutionary terror is the equivalent of singing the Marseillaise des Blàncs in besieged 18th Century's France. Based 👑 https://t.co/z6aD9zRAGX submitted by thefeedbot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2020.08.25 15:41 ChoralEpiphony Epiphony: Virtual Choir Project

Hi guys! I posted here about three weeks ago when I first made my Discord server, Epiphony. We're a little different to other music servers out and around, as we're active and generally more grownup (a significant majority of our population is adult). From next week, we're starting our first semester filled with virtual choir projects. The aim, come December, is to have a full concert put together to premier live on YouTube!
Our wonderfully varied and mostly straightforward programme:
Main Choir
Ensembles (Easy)
Ensembles (Hard)
I would be absolutely thrilled and delighted if more of you would join us :)
I know it's not the same as real choir - and trust me, I miss that more than anything right now - but it's the next best thing given the circumstances.
If you'd like to join us, here's our link: https://discord.gg/VetFqdg
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2020.08.25 03:47 SomeGalFromTexas Thank goodness for friends and music... a bad day ends on a HIGH NOTE

I just finished my last case for the evening, a terribly hostile respondent who absolutely didn't want to be interviewed in any way, shape or form. I at least figured out that the person (to put it nicely) wasn't living there on April 1 anyway, and had completed a census questionnaire for the prior address in another state, so I coded it appropriately and went across the way to get a proxy. I knocked on a door that looked like someone was home... I didn't recognize the car, but I could see and hear the TV as I got closer to the door, so I knocked.
Much to my surprise... the lady that answered was a friend from my church choir! I didn't realize that this was her address. I knew she lived "somewhere" on that street, but didn't know it was THAT house! She gave me the info I needed to complete the case and saw that I was whupped. She invited me inside (yeah, yeah... I know the rules but this IS a friend I've known for many years from church!) and we went into her music room because she wanted to share something with me... a duet that she wanted to sing for an upcoming Mass, and she asked me to be the second voice if I was interested. I looked the music over and said, "Oh yeah, I love this piece". It was the Ave Maria duet by Camille Saint-Saëns. So, we sang through it, and before long, all the jerks I had today were gone. I was at peace and my bummer of a day ended on a good note... literally.
Friends and music... the cure for the day's troubles!
(And for those who want to hear the piece that ended my day on a high note... here is a good rendition! This is NOT us, but or voices are in the same range as these two singers. I sing the high soprano part!, and my friend will sing the mezzo-soprano part Hope your day ends on a HIGH NOTE, too! 🎼🎵 🎵


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2020.08.08 07:36 ggophile Ten Questions for Buddies

I’ve been listening to GFriend a lot in recent months, and this subreddit seems like the right place to put some GFriend related questions:
1) Sometimes GFriend/Source Music have been criticised for having a song and then making similar sounding variants over and over again. How would you respond to that criticism?
2) How do you feel about those title tracks that have broken with the “GFriend sound”, namely “Fingertip”, “Fever”, and “Apple”?
3) Big Hit have created a narrative linking all the MVs from “Glass Bead” onwards. Does this lore matter to you?
4) Have GFriend, Source Music, or anybody else ever commented on the religious connotations of “Ave Maria”?
5) I’ve seen a comment suggesting that Yuju’s singing has deteriorated. Do you agree?
6) What concepts and musical styles would you like to see GFriend adopt in the future?
7) I’ve often read that Buddies are roughly 50/50 male and female, yet whenever I look at concert footage the audience is overwhelmingly male. Are the sources I’ve read just mistaken?
8) Is gfsquad.com dead?
9) Why do you think GFriend are more popular in Asia than in the west?
10) What is your favourite B side?
I know there is a lot to think about here, so any and all answers are welcome. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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2020.08.05 17:46 no_egrets Lisa Hannigan's Latin in "Baby Sister"

Hey folks,
I'm listening to "Baby Sister" from Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan's 2003 live album "Live from the Union Chapel". At 3:25, Hannigan starts singing. My initial transcription was:
Ave Maria [D-?], Jesu hosanna [K-?] Maria [D-?], hallelujah
Is she singing Latin? None of the lines but the first seem to match the traditional liturgical lyrics. She sings a modified version of "Silent Night" later in the album, so it's totally reasonable to think the words have been changed. It sounds somewhat Italian to me, but I don't have an ear for spoken Latin.
(The song's beautiful, by the way, worth a listen the whole way through!)
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2020.07.29 10:05 chronocases Old Man Singing

My brother and I were sitting in the family room. He was playing Minecraft and I was watching intently. Suddenly while my brother was talking to me I heard an older man singing “Ave Maria”. It lasted for a few seconds enough for him to slowly sing the first two words, “Ave Maria”. I thought it was my brother so I asked him why he was singing to which he replied that he wasn’t singing. I stand and swore saying I heard a man singing “Ave Maria”. My brother had not heard it. My brother didn’t even know the song. I trust my brother when he says he didn’t do it, and I’m not sure what I heard. I’m not prone to auditory hallucinations but I will admit it is possible that this was a random case of that. I remain skeptical but I wanted to post here because it was quite bizarre.
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2020.07.04 06:14 SomethingDumb465 Breath Support Tips

I was asked to sing the Ave Maria for a wedding, but I have trouble getting in enough breath at times. Is there any way I can fix this?
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2020.06.28 02:56 jack-hammered Brazil's president gets accordion player to play/sing Ave Maria on national TV

Brazil's president gets accordion player to play/sing Ave Maria on national TV submitted by jack-hammered to facepalm [link] [comments]

2020.06.22 02:14 RafeHaab Nightwish members Marko and Floor sing Ave Maria.

Nightwish members Marko and Floor sing Ave Maria. submitted by RafeHaab to Catholicism [link] [comments]

2020.06.04 20:08 HolyDictionary I used an AI model to complete the beginning of Radiohead songs.

Creep saves the bees
 Little bee things They're beautiful and they'll sing I want to be the one who saved them I want to be the one who gave them I want to be the one who gave them to you My beautiful baby They're so much more than just a little bee things So much more than the flowers and the bugs You're just like an angel My babies, you're so much more than just flowers and bugs No I can't control them Yes, they're so much 
Fake Plastic Trees kisses the bathroom wall
 Sling in my fake leather flip flops Stuff that an old Nazi would hide in his pockets Trying to tell the people what they don't want to hear And what you should be scared of... This water that was under my "Fountain" You will never see it again! I was just sitting in the bathroom, with my headphones on Thinking of you and kissing the hot wet spot on the wall... And I felt the little guy smiling in me... After you took out your camera last night... He just gave me a big smile and said: "Don't worry about me" 
Fitter Happier comes home and finds peace
 feeling better in spite of the cold catching bugs all around myself who am I coming back to the left i hope things work out landing on ground wandering about something blue i don't have any problems no guilt feelings about at having this outside my apartment a lot of the time i feel safe with the same people i used to be with many of my old friends still talk to me this period of my life feels a lot like a spring break. we are on land (or deep sea or whatever) coming back to my original kitchen with scones and jams and this homey feeling that i really miss an intense feeling of happiness 
Idioteque imprisoned in North Korea
 And the children first Oh, it's early in the morning And the children first And the children first And the children first This is amazing, isn't it? We're the prisoners of war in North Korea We're the prisoners of war in North Korea We're the prisoners of war in North Korea 
Pull / Pulk Revolving Doors is not scared to fall of their bike
 on the rudders of big ships If I fall off my bike I'm not scared to fall off my bike And I won't let it touch me For you know A picture is worth a thousand words The hand I carry is worth a thousand pages And I'll tell the words to all you in my books I'll call your momma There's two miles to the building A private door is open for you I'm walking away from you And I'm left alone on a big ship 
Sit Down, Stand Up is going to die
 Sit down, stand up Fuck this shit I'm going to die (sit down, stand up) Walk into the jaws of hell (sit down, stand up) Sit down, stand up Fuck this shit I'm going to die (sit down, stand up) Sit down, stand up (repeat from first verse) Shut the fuck up and go back to sleep (fuck this shit I'm going to die) Sit down, stand up Fuck this shit I'm going to die (fuck this shit) 
Videotape had quite a day
 Holding me tight to you This will be on my videotape I'm praying he won't reach down and grab me And this will be on my videotape There's never been a person like me Ladies and gentlemen, what a day we had today To say the least When my oh my my Think of all the years that I'll have left with this baby And I'll try to grow it long into the night The more my roses bloom 
Bloom finally free from the three month holds
 We will be free from the three month holds Of cynicism and indifference That wring out the fruits of our labor And when at last Life's march will end And we will be free from the three month holds That wring out the fruits of our labor (We will be free from the three month holds) 
True Love Waits abandons fat acceptance
 I'll offer you this When I pass the baton And make your dreams come true You're mine Ave Maria, pecca Cease for the moment It's your death that I am damned Have a good day, fatboy. I want to start my next post with something very powerful and inspirational. But, I think first I need to tell you that from this date on, I have cancelled all participation in all fat acceptance-related activities. I am going to give up the same high I had previously earned as a fat person. Just think about that. As the poet Rumi once said, "If you're happy, there is no self." If you're happy, there's no fat 
Bonus: Thom yorke talks about his biggest inspirations
Radiohead's Thom Yorke revealed that his biggest inspiration has always been listening to Muse, Pink Floyd and Primus.
In an interview with The Guardian, he revealed the band he was most inspired by and that Muse's seminal second album "Absolution" comes to mind.
"I've always loved their album 'Absolution,'" he said. "It's got one of those tracks called 'Stockholm Syndrome' which was based on a true story, in which this guy is rescued from a trafficker in Somalia."
Radiohead's Thom Yorke revealed that his biggest inspiration has always been "his mom", an honour given to only four other people in British music history, including Eric Clapton, Elton John and David Bowie.
Speaking at the launch of an exhibition of recordings by the band, Yorke said that his mother, Rosemary, has been a huge influence on the band's music, adding: "She has also made me a lot of tea. She has a long story to tell about how she cut the roof of the house and set up the computer."
I used Talk to Transformer by Adam King which runs on the GPT-2 model by OpenAI which was trained on 40GB of internet text.
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2020.06.01 11:41 SmartBoiiii Is any song recorded after 1945 public domain?

Here's why I am asking and what I am thinking. Ave Maria by Schubert is public domain, since Schubert died in 1828 and it has been 75 years since, and anyone can play it and record it with no problem. The problem comes with who has played it and/or sung it, right?
If I want a version that is public domain I'll have to find a version by an artist that died before 1945. For example I can't use Andrea Bocelli's version even if he sings the exact same notes, right? Or can I?
I am asking all of this because I want a version of Ave Maria that sounds good and is public domain but turns out public domain is more complicated than just "75 years after death". So if you could help me with that I would be thankful.
This is the version I want to use but it's sung by Barbara Bonney, who has yet to die, according to the description. Right beneath it says that it is licensed to YouTube by (WMG (on behalf of Teldec Classics International); Public Domain Compositions...). So is this version public domain or what?
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2020.05.18 12:44 PaleBlueGirl_ Marco and Floor singing an Ave Maria. What a blessing for our ears!

Marco and Floor singing an Ave Maria. What a blessing for our ears! submitted by PaleBlueGirl_ to nightwish [link] [comments]

2020.05.17 12:46 Genialer-Kackhaufen Let's collect the best B-Sides of K-Pop

I'm always going to edit the post if there are new recs in the comments. The first songs are from my playlist so we have a start
2NE1: Baby I Miss You
2PM: 10 Out Of 10
4Minute: Canvas, No Love, What A Girl Wants
9MUSES: A, Action, Choice, Fancy, Ping, Secret, Time's Up, Who Are You
A.C.E: 5tar, Black And Blue, Desert, Do It Like Me, Mr. Bass, Slow Drive
After School: Crazy Driver, Dressing Room, Love Beat, Rock It, Virgin, Yes No Yes
AKMU: Fish In The Water, Will Last Forever
AleXa: Kitty Run
AOA: 10 Seconds, Magic Spell, My Way, Ninety Nine, Oh Boy, Under The Street Light
Apink: Be Myself, Hug Me, Push and Pull, Yummy
APRIL: Oops I'm Sorry
Astro: Cotton Candy, Heart Brew Love, Merry-Go-Round, Love Wheel, Moonwalk, Morning Call, Polaris, Role Play, Starry Sky, When You Call My Name
ATEEZ: Aurora, Dazzling Light, Desire, Horizon, Light, Mist, Precious, Promise, Sunrise, Stay, Thank U, Twilight, Utopia, WIN
B1A4: Fooool, IF..., Love Emotion, Melancholy, Smile Mask, Until We Meet
BAEKHYUN: Betcha, Ice Queen, Psycho, Stay Up
BEAST / Highlight: Dangerous, Sad Movie, Sleep Tight, Suite Room
BIBI: Give More Care Less
BLACKPINK: Don't Know What To Do, Forever Young, Hope Not, Kick It, Really, SEE U LATER
Bolbbalgan4: 25, Seattle Alone, Picnic, To My Youth, When I Fall In Love, XX, You=I
Brave Girls: Don't Meet, Whatever
BTOB: Friend, Ice Breaker, Just Tell Me
BTS: 00:00, 134340, 21st Century Girls, Airplane, Anpanman, Autumn Leaves, Attack On Bangtan, Black Swan, Butterfly, Coffee, Converse High, Crystal Snow, Cypher 3 & 4, Dimple, Don't Leave Me, Filter, Friends, Her, Hip Hop Phile, Home, House of Cards, I'm Fine, Inner Child, Jump, Let Go, Let Me Know Lost, Lie, Louder than bombs, Love Maze, Love Myself, Magic Shop, Make It Right, Mikrokosmos, My Time, Paradise, Pied Piper, Rain, Seesaw, Silver Spoon, Tear, The Truth Untold, Tomorrow, UGH, We Are Bulletproof The Eternal, We On
BVNDIT: My Error
CHEN: Flower, Good Night, Hold You Tight, Love Words, My Dear, Portrait Of You, Sorry Not Sorry, You Never Know
Cherry Bullet: Ruddy, Ping Pong, Violet
Chungha: Chica, Flourishing
CIX: Bystander, Imagine, Maybe I, Rewind, What You Wanted
CLC: Breakdown, Distance, I Like It, I Need U, Liar, Like It, Like That, Meow Meow, Mistake, Show, To The Sky
DAY6: Blood, Headache, I Need Somebody, Man In A Movie, Rescue Me
DIA - Pick Up The Phone
DREAMCATCHER: And There Was No One Left, Black Or White, Curse Of The Spider, Diamond, Full Moon, I Miss You, Into The Frozen, Jazz Bar, July 7th, Mayday, My Way, Over The Sky, Red Sun, SAHARA, Silent Night, Sleep-Walking, Trap, Tension, Wake Up, Which Star, Wonderland
DreamNote: Fresh Fresh, La Isla Bonita
ELRIS: Focus, Like I Do, No Big Deal, Roopretelcham, You And I
EVERGLOW: Hush, Moon, NO LIE, Player, SALUTE, You Don't Know Me
EXID: 1m, Alice, Are You Hungry, Boy We Are, Don't Want A Drive, How Why, How You Doing, Todak Todak, Velvet
EXO: 24/7, Artificial Love, Baby Don't Cry, Baby You Are, Bad Dream, Been Through, Black Pearl, Butterfly Effect, Chill, Damage, El Dorado, Fall, First Snow, Forever, Going Crazy, Gravity, Groove, Heart Attack, Hurt, Jekyll, Lights Out, Machine, Moonlight, Oasis, Playboy, Promise, Run, She's Dreaming, Sign, Stay, Sweet Lies, The Eve, Trouble, Unfair, What If, What U Do, White Noise, Ya Ya Ya
FAVORITE: Fancy, Hello, Hush
fromis_9: 22nd Century Girl, Coloring, Love Rum Pum Pum, Pinocchio
f(x): Airplane, All Night, Beautiful Goodbye, Beautiful Stranger, Butterfly, Dracula, Ice Cream, Love, Jet, Milk, Paper Heart, Papi, Rude Love, Shadow, Step, Toy, When I'm Alone
G-DRAGON: Obsession, Runaway
GFRIEND: Ave Maria, Contrail, Eclipse, Flower Bud, Hear The Wind Sing, Here We Are, Labyrinth, LoveBug, Mr. Blue, Neverland, Only One, Rainbow, Say My Name, Tik Tik, You Are Not Alone
(G)I-DLE: Blow Your Mind, Dollar, Luv U, Maybe, Maze, Put It Straight, What's In Your House
Girls' Day: Control, Don't Be Shy, I Don't Mind, Look At Me, Show You
Girls' Generation: Bump It, Check, Express 999, Fan, Fermata, Fire Alarm, Karma Butterfly, Love Is Bitter, Motorcycle, One Last Time, Oscar, Trick, Paradise, Show Girls, Soul, Stay Girls, Sweet Talk, Top Secret, Wait A Minute, XYZ
Golden Child: Lately
GOT7: 1°, 2, Aura, Crash And Burn, Gimme, Home Run, Love You Better, Magnetic, Moon U, Party, One And Only You, Poison, Teenager, Thursday
GWSN: After The Bloom, All Mine, Bloom, Growing, Melting Point, Miss Ping Pong, Night Aviation, One & Only, Recipe For Simon, Shy Shy, Tok Tok, Tweaks, Wonderboy, Yolowa
gugudan: Be Myself , Dear, Do It, Rainbow, Snowball
H&D: Intro, Make Me A Diffrent Person
Hellovenus: Chameleon, Show Window, Whatcha Talk About, Whisky
Huta: Falling Blossoms, Lonely
HyunA: Do it, Seduction, Serene
iKON: Ah Yeah, All The World, Flower, Freedom, Holding On, Hug Me, Only You
IMFACT: I'm Fine
INFINITE: Moonlight, Pray, Zero
I.O.I: Ping Pong
IU: Above The Time, Blackout, Havana, Jam Jam, Lonely, The Visitor, Zeze
IZ*ONE: Airplane, AYAYAYA, Colors, Destiny, DREAMLIKE, Eyes, Hey Bae Like It, Highlight, Oh My, Pink Blusher, Spaceship
Jay Park: I Love You, Level 1000, Up And Down
Jeong Sewoon: Eye 2 Eye, Irony, Oh My Angel
JJProject: Don't Wanna Know, Icarus
JONGHYUN: 1000, Beautiful Tonight, Cocktail, Grease, Hallelujah, Just For A Day, Let Me Out, Love Belt, Moon, Only One You Need, Red, Rewind, Sightseeing, Take The Drive, White T-Shirt
JUS2: Long Black
JYJ: Be My Girl
Kang Daniel: Interview, Jealous
Kang Xiwon: The Love
KARD: Enemy, Dímelo, Go Baby, Inferno, Into You, Knocking On My Door, Living Good, Push & Pull, Trust Me
KEY: Chemicals, Easy To Love, Good Good, Honest, Show Me, The Duty Of Love
Kim Donghan: Ain't No Time
Kim Sung Kyu: Sorry
LABOUM: Journey To Atlantis, Love Game
LOONA: Chaotic, Colors, Curiosity, D-1, Day & Night, Heat, Fairy Tale, Frozen, Loonatic, Love Letter, Number 1, Oh, Perfect Love, rendezvous 18.6y, Rosy, Satellite, Stylish, Twilight, Uncover, Valentine's Girl, Where You At, You And Me Together
Lovelyz: Good Night Like Yesterday, Temptation
LUNA: Breathe, Galaxy
Mamamoo: 4season, 4x4ever, Ahh Oop, Angel, Aze Gag, Bad Bye, Baton Touch, Better, Better Than I Tought, Cat Fight, Destiny, Finally, Freakin' Shoes, Gentleman, Heeheehaheho, Hello, Hello Mama, I Love Too, I Miss You, I'm Your Fan, Love Lane, Midnight Summer Dream, Moderato, Morning, My Hometown, My Star, No More Drama, Rainy Season, Reality, Rude Boy, Selfish, Sky Sky, Sleep In The Car, Taller Than You, Ten Nights, Universe, Waggy, Where R U, Woo Hoo, Words Don't Come Easy, ZzZz
MAX: High Heels, Piano
MOMOLAND: Bingo Game, Light Up
MONSTA X: Be Quiet, Destroyer, Lost In The Dream, Mohae, Oh My, Stealer
NCT 127: 100, ANOTHER WORLD, Baby Don't Like It, Back 2 U, Blow My Mind, Come Back, Day Dream, Elevator, End To Start, FOOL, Highway To Heaven, Kitchen Beat, Knock Out, Love Song, Mad City, Mad Dog, My Van, Not Alone, Pandora's Box, Replay, Sit Down, Summer 127, Sun & Moon, Wake Up, Whiplash
NCT Dream: 119, 7 Days A Week, Dream Run, Drippin, Love Again, My Page, Quiet Down
N.Flying: 4242, Flowerwork
NU'EST: Diffrent, Fine, Good Love, Segno, Storybook, Talk About Love
OH MY GIRL: Checkmate, Echo, Dolphin, Guerilla, I Found Love, Krystal, Illusion, Love O'Clock, Neon, Perfect Day, Playground, Step By Step, Twilight, Vogue
ONEUS: A Thousand Stars, Bing Bing, Hide And Seek, Level Up, Now, Plastic Flower, Red Thread, Stand Up
ONEW: Illusion, Shine On You, Sign, Timepiece
Only One Of: Heartbreak Terminal, Only One of Me, Picasso
Park Jihoon: Would U..., Young 20
PENTAGON: Alien, Beautiful, Do It For Fun, Genius, Let's Go Together, Off-Road, Round 1, Round 2, Seasons, Shower Of Rain, Spectacular, Spring Snow, Stay Crazy, Summer, Till..., Violet
Playback: Untold Story
PRISTIN: Aloha, Black Window, Spotlight, Running
PRISTIN V: Spotlight
Purplebeck: Mare
Red Velvet: Aitai-Tai, All Night, Bing Bing, Blue Lemonade, Body Talk, Butterflies, Campfire, Carpool, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Cool World, Day 1, Happily Ever After, I Just, In & Out, Kingdom Come, Ladies' Night, La Rouge, Last Love, Light Me Up, Little Little, Look, Love Is The Way, LP, Milkshake, Mojito, Moonlight Melody, My Second Date, Perfect 10, Sassy Me, So Good, Somethin' Kinda Crazy, Stupid Cupid, Sunny Side Up, Take It Slow, Talk To Me, Time Slip, Time To Love, You Better Know
Risso: Blue Knight, Feels Like You
Rocket Punch: Favorite, Girl Friend, Lilac, Love Is Over, So Solo
Secret: U R Fired
SEVENTEEN: 247, Beautiful, Change Up, Chilli, Crazy In Love, Falling For U, Fast Pace, FLOWER, Fronting, Good To Me, Healing, I Don't Know, If I, Let Me Hear You Say, Moonwalker, Network Love, No F.U.N, Our Dawn is Hotter Than Day, Say Yes, Second Life, Shining Diamond, Simple, Smile Flower, Snap Shoot, Space, Still Lonely, Thinkin' About You, Trauma, What's Good
SF9: Am I The Only One, Diffrent, Fire, Go Back In Time, Just On My Way, Life Is So Beautiful, Round And Round, Stop It Now, Unlimited
SHINee: 365, Become Undone, Black Hole, Chemistry, Colors Of The Season, Don't Stop, Drunk Punch Love, Electric Heart, Evil, Hitchhiking, Hold You, Honestly, In My Room, JoJo, Lock You Down, Love Sick, Nightmare, Odd Eye, One For Me, Orgel, Prism, Queen Of New York, Ready Or Not, Rescue, Retro, Romance, Romeo + Juliet, Shift, Stranger, Symptoms, The Reason, Up & Down, Wishful Thinking, Woof Woof, Y.O.U, Your Name
SOMI: Outta My Head
Speeed: Rose
Stellar: Guilty, Insomnia, Ringtone
Stray Kids: 0325, 19, 3rd Eye, Booster, Boxer, Chronosaurus, Get Cool, Grow Up, Grrr, Insomnia, Maze Of Memories, M.I.A, Mirror, Mixtape #1, Mixtape #4, My Side, N/S, STOP, Sunshine, TMT, Voices, Yayaya, Young Wings
SUHO: For You Now, Made In You, Starry Night
SUNMI: Black Pearl, burn
Super Junior: Alright, A Man In Love, Andate, Animals, Butterfly, Bittersweet, Boom Boom, Candy, Daydream, Evanesce, Feels Good, Game, Good Day For A Good Day, Good Love, Gulliver, From U, Haru, Heads Up, Hit Me Up, Islands, I Think I, Lalala, Let's Dance, Memories, Me & U, Midnight Blues, Mid Seasons, Monster, One More Chance, Opera, Perfection, Raining Spell Of Love, Reset, Rock N Shine, Rock Your Body, Shadow, She Wants It, Simply Beautiful, Shirt, Sorry Sorry Answer, Stars Appear, The Crown, Ticky Tocky, Spin Up, Super Dupa, Superman, Too Late, Walkin', Why I Like U
SuperM: Too Fast, I Can't Stand the Rain, Super Car
TAEMIN: Already, Artistic Groove, Door, Exclusive, Guess Who, Heat Stop, Hypnosis, I'm Crying, Love, Monologue, Pretty Boy, Soldier
TAEYEON: Baram, Blue, Circus, Cover Up, Eraser, Hands on Me, LOL, Love You Like Crazy, Stress, Time Lapse, When I Was Young
THE BOYZ: Break Your Rules, Bye Bye Bye, Daydream, Get It, L.O.U, Lucid Dream, Salty, Scar
The Rose: Candy, I Don't Know You, I.L.Y, Like We Used To, Take Me Down
TOO: Don't Fear Now
Triple H: Sunflower
TVXQ: City Lights, Free Your Mind, Phantom, Sooner Than Later, Viva
TWICE: Be As One, Dejavu, Don't Give Up, GET LOUD, Girls Like Us, Headphones On, Ho, Hot, Jelly Jelly, Look At Me, Love Foolish, Love Line, Luv Me, Missing U, One In A Milion, Precious Love, RAINBOW, Rollin', Say You Love Me, Someone Like Me, Strawberry, Stronger, Stuck, Sunset, Sweet Talker, The Reason Why, Three Times A Day, Touchdown, Trick It, Young & Wild, What You Waiting For
TXT: 20cm, Angel and Devil, Blue Orangade, Can't We Leave The Monster Alone, Drama, Eternally, Fairy Of Shampoo, New Rules, Our Summer
VICTON: Hands Up, New World, Nightmare
U-Kiss: Cinderella
Wanna One: Deeper, Day By Day, I Promise You, Kangaroo, Twilight, One's Place, Wanna Be
WA$$UP: Dominant Woman, Tell Me
Weki Meki: Iron Boy, Metronome
WINNER: Air, Confession, Don't Flirt, Flamenco, I'm Young, Pricked, Tonight
WJSN: Babyface, Badaboom, I-Yah, Let's Dance, Luckitty Cat, Masquerade, Ujung, You Got
Wonder Girls: Baby Don't Play, Candle, Faded Love, John Doe, Me In, Rewind, Stop, Sweet & Easy
woo!ah!: Payday
X1: Move, U Got It
Yoseob: It's You
YURI: Illusion
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